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Romantic Pakistani dramas 2022

The most watched topic in Pakistani dramas is romance. It creates a fantasized fictional world in the romantically dull lives of the viewers. These types of dramas promise to set some romantic goals in the lives of couples to ignite the feelings of love among them and keep them continuing. However, Pakistani romantic dramas do not come all happy and without any problems. What makes them more interesting are some negative forces that try to pull the lovers apart but they are destined to stay together. If you have missed any best of romantic Pakistani dramas 2022, read till the end.


Best Romantic Pakistani Dramas 2022

The whole of 2022 brought some amazing dramas for the public. Most of them included a lot of social issues that made the republic learn a lot but the subject of romance stayed intact even in the serious drama serials. Because, to make any drama one of the best Pakistani dramas, romance has to be there. So, here are the best romantic Pakistani dramas 2022 that kept the viewers hooked throughout the year.

  • Mere Hamsafar
  • Habs
  • Ishq-e-Laa
  • Dil Awaiz
  • Mushkil
  • Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi
  • Aye Mushte Khaak

Mere Hamsafar

Romantic pakistani dramas

Mere Hamsafar Drama is one of the most memorable romantic Pakistani dramas 2022 to ever come on-screen. The on-screen chemistry of Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir enthralled all the viewers. They presented the roles of Hamza and Hala in the drama.

Hamza and Hala were cousins who got married by chance. Hala was an oppressed young girl who lived at her uncle’s house. Hamza was her cousin who supported her and protected her forever. After getting married, they fell in love and Hamza always stood in support of his wife. Hamza became the icon of the perfect man to exist on earth.

Their romantic relationship became famous in Pakistan as well as across borders. The fans of the Mere Hamsafar drama could not stop praising the beautiful couple.


Love story drama

Habs drama got mixed reactions from the public at the beginning. The story revolved around Ayesha and Basit who married each other based on a contract because Basit could not inherit his property unless he got married.

After getting married, both of them remained distant from each other. The fans kept waiting for them to develop feelings for each other. Eventually, they did and made everyone love their minimal portrayal of love and care towards each other. The cute yet awkward pregnancy reveal scene was one of the best drama moments of 2022.

However, the bond did not remain without any hurdles. But, they trespassed all the problems in their relationship and Ayesha and Basit lived happily ever after with their daughter.


Romantic Pakistani dramas 2022

Ishq-e-Laa was an equally balanced drama between romance and spirituality. It centred around an unusual love triangle between Azka, Shanaya, and Azlan. The lead characters were played by Yumna Zaidi, Sajal Aly, and Azan Sami Khan.

The drama begins with a sweet and perfect relationship between Shanaya and Azlaan who love each other and marry. Azlan and Shanaya live a happy life despite some conflict of ideas between them but they made a happy couple. Unfortunately, Shanaya dies and leaves Azlaan heartbroken.

Due to certain circumstances, Azlaan and Azka get married. They supposedly hate each other. But, Azlaan finds Shanaya in Azka and finds a spiritual connection to his God through her. Azka evolves Azlaan into the man that Shanaya always wanted and with this change the drama ended.

Dil Awaiz

Love story

The story of Dil Awaiz drama began with the desolate girl who lived like a servant in her own house. She encounters Sikandar and they like each other but Sikandar was meant to marry Dil-Awaiz’s sister. But, her sister runs away on the day of her wedding which leads to the marriage of Dil Awaiz and Sikandar.

At first, Sikandar is hateful towards her but gradually, he realizes his love for her. With the passage of time, they grow closer to each other and the drama ends happily.


romantic drama moments

Mushkil drama was also one of the best romantic Pakistani dramas 2022 that centred around an unexpected love journey. Saboor Aly and Khushal Khan’s couple was a sight of relief for the viewers. The unexpected marriage of Sameen and Faraz pissed off Hareem who never stayed back in making them part ways.

However, whoever is destined to stay together remains in all situations. Faraz and Sameen’s relationship was also one of those that kept the viewers waiting for things to get stable between them. To the relief of fans, the drama had a happy ending.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

Romantic Pakistani dramas 2022

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi broke the records of many romantic dramas. This drama kept the viewers through many emotional ups and down. Shamsher became a sensation for everyone who bagged all the praise and criticism. The transformation of Shamsher’s character was a melting point for all the haters to start loving him.

Even Mehak started loving him who hated him for ruining her life. Kaisi Teri Kudgarzi remained in talks throughout its screening but the ending left everyone broken. Shamsher’s death and the sad ending were not what the audience was expecting because, after all the changes, he expected to be happy with Mehak.

Aye Musht-e-Khaak

Romantic Pakistani dramas 2022

Aye Musht-e-Khaak was a love-at-first-sight story in which Mustajab falls in love with a spiritually strong girl Dua. He proposes to her and they get married. Mustajab loves her a lot but after marriage Dua finds out that he does not consider himself a Muslim. Therefore Dua parts ways with him as this bond was not allowed in Islam.

With the passage of time, Mustajab identifies his distance from his Lord and feels restless. So, his love for Dua brings shim close to religion and they get back together.

These were some of the romantic Pakistani dramas 2022 that every romance lover must watch. If you have missed any, you should definitely watch them as soon as possible. For more new content, watch Best Pakistani dramas 2023 to get in touch with new characters and storylines.

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