Habs Drama Cast, Plot, Timings, and Review

Pakistani DramaHabs Drama Cast, Plot, Timings, and Review

Habs drama cast

Habs is a drama serial on ARY Digital and it is becoming one of the most well-liked and best Pakistani dramas 2022. This drama is directed by debut director, Musaddiq Mali. The script is written by Kamakshi and produced under the banner of Six Sigma Plus. Habs drama cast includes Feroz Khan and Ushna Shah in the lead roles. Habs drama has received mixed reviews from viewers for its characterisation and plot.



Habs drama story revolves around two young individuals, Ayesha and Basit. Ayesha and Basit belong to two different social classes. Basit is a wealthy young man while Ayesha is a strong-headed girl with a practical mind. Both of them are struggling in their ways. Basit belongs to a broken family which makes him socially unstable. Ayesha works to provide for her family as her mother is a widow.

Basit has relationship problems with his mother and needs to marry someone to inherit the property and business. Ayesha’s mother is a window and an opportunist who uses her daughters to get through life. Ayesha starts working in Basit’s office and he finds her as a source of inheriting the property.

Basit proposes her and Ayesha’s mother find it as an opportunity to make her financial situation better. She trades Ayesha’s hand in marriage to Basit against money. Their marriage remains based on a contract but soon Basit starts developing feelings for her.


In the meantime, Soha (ex-fiancee of Basit) arrives and she starts creating problems in their happily married life.

Habs Drama cast

Habs drama cast includes a wide number of talented actors and actresses who have given their best performances. Here is a list of all the characters.

  • Ushna Shah ad Ayesha Basit Khan
  • Feroz Khan as Basit Khan
  • Ayesha Omar as Soha (Basit’s ex-fiance)
  • Saba Faisal as Ayesha’s mother
  • Dania Enwer as Bano
  • Janice Tessa as Zoya
  • Hina Rizvi as Bobby Phupo
  • Isra Ghazal as Basit’s mother
  • Javed Sheikh as Basit’s father
  • Hamzah Tariq Jamil as Zoya’s husband
  • Mussadiq Malik as Fahad (Basit’s best friend)

Ushna Shah as Ayesha Basit Khan

Habs drama cast


Ushna Shah is playing the character of a young girl from a middle-class family. She is a strong girl who wants to make herself independent and support her family. She gets married to Basit but the couple goes through many ups and downs in life.

Feroz Khan as Basit Khan

Habs drama cast

Feroz Khan is again appearing as a rich handsome man who attracts everyone. He gets into a contract marriage with Ayesha. Amidst his divorce controversy, people are giving mixed reviews for his role in Habs drama cast.

Ayesha Omar as Soha

Habs drama cast

Soha’s character is professional and stylish and Ayesha Omar is a perfect match for this role. She is a bone of contention between the couple because she has remained the ex-fiancee of Basit.

Saba Faisal as Ayesha’s Mother

habs drama cast

Saba Faisal is playing the character of an opportunist mother who gets her daughter married to a rich man for the sake of money. She is a widow and has three daughters in the drama.

Dania Enwer as Bano


Dania Enwer as Bano is the elder sister of Ayesha who sacrifices her own needs for her family. She works hard to provide for her family. She is unmarried although she used to like someone but she is the breadwinner of her family. Her mother did not get her married.

Janice Tessa as Zoya

Janice Tessa

Janice Tessa is a famous TikToker in Pakistan. In her debut role in Habs drama cast, she is playing the role of a younger sister who is neglected yet spoiled. She marries her lover to break free from her mother’s never-ending expectations. Janice Tessa plays the role of a carefree young girl who thinks about none but herself.

Hina Rizvi as Bobby Phupo

Hina Rizvi

Hina Rizvi is breaking all the stereotypes of a typical phupo character in Pakistani dramas. Her appearance as Bobby Phupo is very supportive and smoothes many difficulties for the family.

Isra Ghazal as Basit’s mother

Isra Ghazal has a short appearance in the drama. She was a passive mother who strived to amend her relationship with her son, Basit. However, she dies in the end.

Hamzah Tariq Jamil as Zoya’s Husband

habs drama cast

Hamzah Tariq Jamil is known as Dude With Sign Pk. He is a funny boy in reality but his role as Zoya’s husband is quite different. He is a jobless man who loves a girl and marries her but his family does not accept him. So, he stays miserable between his family and his wife.


Habs Drama started as one of the most controversial dramas of 2022 because it deals with contract marriage. Many people also did not like the monotonous role of Feroz Khan as a young, rich and arrogant man. Moreover, people started talking about this drama when Feroz Khan divorced his wife. This sparked criticism in the public because they started disliking him for being an abuser.

However, many people still love the drama and the development of chemistry between Basit and Ayesha. They look really nice together. the progression in Basit’s character is what every girl wants in a man. Check out more Pakistani dramas 2022.

Hope you have liked the article on Habs drama cast. Take a look at the trailer if you haven’t started watching it yet.



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