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Mushkil Drama

Mushkil drama has got only 4 episodes on-air but the audience is hooked. The story is going on too fast and the viewers are looking forward to seeing what is to come next. The drama is a daily soap that viewers can watch daily at 9:00 pm on GEO TV.  Saboor Aly, Khushhal Khan, and Zainab Shabbir are the young faces who are giving their best performances to showcase the essence of their characters.

Mushkil Drama Story So Far

Mushkil Drama

The drama is all about a love triangle the Mushkil drama cast where Saboor Aly (Sameen) and Zainab Shabbir (Hareem) are two best friends. The story is not about two into one which makes the plot twisted and different from other typical stories. Hareem has a one-sided love for Khushhal Khan (Faraz).

Until now, she insists Sameen go and meet Faraz to tell him about her love for him. On the way back, both fall prey to the police and end up in the police station for false accusations. The story takes a completely sharp turn where Khushhal Kahn and Saboor Aly’s performance is worth appreciation.

Both families are in calamity and could not think of anything else than getting the two married after the public degradation. Sameen who is innocent staked her dignity for her friend. However, here enters the villain.

Hareem becomes entirely indifferent towards Sameen. She starts to think of Sameen as taking away Faraz from her. It is to remember that Faraz has nothing for her but she being a creep could not resist the temptation to get him.

What To Expect Next?

Mushkil drama

This sudden situation makes her revengeful towards Sameen and starts plotting against her. Her badmouthing starts in front of everyone she could just like a manipulator friend who would snatch everything away from you for their benefit.

The story seems too quick to make the viewers think of what happens next. We got to be ready for more drama and a rollercoaster of emotions in the upcoming episode of Mushkil drama.

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