Toyota Launching Yaris 2019 in Pakistan

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Corolla GLI, Yaris Sedan, Pakistan, 2019 or 2020. Have you already found the connection between these random words? If you are Toyota lover then definitely you have already figured out the main idea behind these words. What are you waiting for now? Let’s dig in!

Okay so, Japanese automaker Toyota was about to release Vios in Pakistan in 2018. This news was confirmed by several media channels too. Interested buyers even started looking forward to it. Well, the company changed its plan and didn’t launch it in Pakistan!

As per latest reports, Toyota is aiming to put an end to their production of Corolla GLi and XLi. Instead of this, the company is about to launch Yaris Sedan in Pakistan. Even IMC wants to increase the sales and clear their inventory of Corolla as Yaris is about to launch in Pakistan. For this purpose, IMC has recently launched Corolla 1.3 GLi in the three new colors too.

Toyota Yaris has already been spotted in Pakistan during the test drive. It is indicating that the company is in the final process to launch Yaris in Pakistan.

Oh, nice, but wait! What about Vios, which was about to release last year? The idea of launching Vios in Pakistan is shelved due to crumbling of rupee against the dollar!  In our opinion, launching Yaris Sedan instead of Vios for the replacement of Corolla GLi/Xli is the right idea. Why?

  • Toyota has been facing extreme competition in the market in the form of Kia, Proton, and Hyundai. These days the economy of Pakistan has been severely disturbed too. Yaris Sedan is much cheaper than Vios. So it is a better option in these circumstances.
  • Yaris will be launched around the price range of Rs 19,00,000 whereas the price of Vios in the international market is Rs 28,00,000!
  • Yaris will be capitalized on the same market as Xli and GLi did.
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What are your views about this? Will Toyota beat its competitor? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.