Honda CG 125 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs, and More


Honda CG 125 is the most awaited bike among all of the others all around Pakistan. A new model of Honda CG 125 is arriving in 2022 which is Honda CG 125. If you are looking to buy the new model, we have got you covered with the Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan, specs, and everything else you need to know. In the Pakistani bike industry, Altas Honda has shares of more than 40% because of the thrilling sound that the silencer makes in Honda CG 125.

Popularity Status

Another reason behind the sales of Honda CG 125 is the speed this bike that thrills on the roads of Pakistan. Every year Honda makes the new model of 125, with some new features, specifications, and looks. That’s why the price tag of this bike increases every year. There is no other bike in Pakistan that gives complete competition to this bike according to the speed, sound, and grip. The new model comes with an engine warranty of three years.

What’s new in Honda CG 125 2022

Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan

The new main features of this bike are, rear grip seat with a high level of comfort, the new design of petrol tank, smokeless engine with 4 strokes, economy zone attractive speedometer, new design of front light with more brightness, and also an improvement in backlight.


The engine that is used in this bike is 4 stroke OVH air-cooled type. This feature does not let the engine overheat and lets the rider ride it for hours. Honda CG 125 has a 4-speed transmission that can produce 11 horsepower. The bike has a built-in 12-volt battery that transmits power to the indicators and lights. This long-lasting battery increases its lifetime. About the fuel consumption, it can travel up to 50 km in 1 liter. The tank capacity is 9.8L. Hence, it is fuel-saving and has a low operation cost that can travel up to long roads. 


Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan is Rs. 147,500. The price is a bit higher as expected from the last year. The rise is because of the improvements in the quality of this bike.

Key Takeaways:

What is the price of Honda CG 125 2022 in Pakistan?

The new model of CG 125 (2022) comes with a price of PKR 147, 500.

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