Maintenance and Repair Tips for Honda 125 Pakistan

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Honda CG125, better known simply as “Honda”, is arguably the most famous motorbike in the Pakistani commuter bike community. With a good chunk of the motorbike market share owned by Atlas Honda and a cult-like following, CG125 holds the spot in both. Due to its reliability, easy maintenance and readily available parts. Today we discuss maintenance and repair tips for Honda CG125.

Maintenance and repair tips for Honda CG125



Honda CG125 has a Euro 2-complied overhead valve engine, a kick-start mechanism and a 4-speed transmission. The decoration graphics are redesigned, as well as the seat and the layout of the instrument cluster, to give this long-lasting model a refreshed appearance. It produces 11.0 horsepower (7.3kw) at 8,000rpm and 9.5 newton-meters of torque at 6,500rpm. With a fuel economy of 35-40km per liter and a maximum speed of 120km/h. The fuel tank has a capacity of 9.2 litres with 2 litres in reserve.

Another variant, CG125 SE, launched in 2019, has a 5-speed transmission instead of the original 4-speed and electric start. It is one of the few motorcycles offered by Honda in Pakistan.

Maintenance and repair tips for Honda CG125


It would be best if you visited a Honda service centre as they are trained professionals by Atlas Honda themselves. But do not fall into the “mechanic’s trap”. It’s when they tell you to get an oil change and tune up after every 1000km. There is no reason to do that unless you plan to pay your mechanic every month.

According to experts, intervals to change engine oil varies according to the seasons. An oil change is recommended every 800-1000 kilometres in summer. In winter, this range goes up to 1300-1500 milometers. The recommended oil for CG125 is 20w40. The recommended oil for CG125 SE, however, is 10w40. Although Atlas Honda does manufacture engine oil for their bikes, still Liqui Moly is considered among the best engine oils for bikes in Pakistan for 125cc motorbikes.

Tuning can be taken care of after 2000-3000km. That, too, is only if you feel a change in the motorbike’s performance. Some experts have even reported not having a tune-up even after 7000km. It all depends on how you ride.

You do not have to change your air filter whenever you visit the service centre. Air filter change is applicable after 3000km. If you call before this interval, ask your mechanic to clean the filter with an air gun and a little gasoline.


Maintaining a CG125 is not a difficult job. If you inspect the following timely, I promise you your CG125 will last a lifetime.

Lubricate the chain every 500km. That goes for brakes and levers as well. Keep a check on the air pressure in the tires. Too much or too less affects the fuel economy. Check battery status regularly. If necessary, get it charged so the lights don’t dim.

Make sure to check the rubber rings inside the tappet covers as they prevent leakage from the engine, which can leave stains that are impossible to remove. Keep your motorbike clean and dry. This will save the paint job and prevent rusting. You can also opt for paint protection films.

Pro Tip

During winter, when you start your motorbike, let the engine run for a few minutes before riding. This helps the engine to warm up to run smoothly and the oil to lose viscosity.


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