Best Engine Oil for Honda 125 in Pakistan | Complete Guide

Bikes in PakistanHonda BikesBest Engine Oil for Honda 125 in Pakistan | Complete Guide

Buying a Honda bike is definitely a better idea due to its superior performance than other bikes. However, many customers struggle with the confusion of maintenance problems. The two popular models with the most sales in the country are Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125. While the CD 70 is relatively easier to maintain, the CG 125 requires extra care to maintain its mark. One of the top questions most 125 users ask is regarding the best engine oil for Honda 125 in Pakistan. If you need the same information, we have the answer to your question.

The Honda 125 Engine Oil Debate

Many 125 users have an ongoing debate regarding the choice of their bike’s engine oil. Some users favor ZIC a+ 5/20, while others opt for Shell AX-5. These are not the only options in the local market. You can choose from tons of companies and grades when choosing a bottle for your bike. A relatively better option is Liqui Moly 20W-50. This engine oil has received many positive reviews from CG 125 users. It also benefits the bike in terms of fuel average. However, a downside of choosing this oil is its price. Liqui Moly is one of the best oil options in the local market. It may cost you more than the rest of the brands.

Best engine oil for Honda 125

Regardless of the brand you go for, you must keep the company’s guidelines in view while making your engine oil selection. We have gathered some details from the official Atlas Honda website to save you time. Going through the following details can help you make a better decision.

Honda Engine Oil Guidelines

Best engine oil for Honda 125 in Pakistan

Here are the official engine oil guidelines:

  1. Good engine oil has many desirable qualities. Use only high-detergent, quality motor oil certified on the container to meet or exceed requirements for service SE, SF or SG. It is not necessary to use additives.
  2. The viscosity grade of engine oil should be based on the average atmospheric temperature in your riding area. The given chart will assist in the selection of the proper grade or viscosity of oil to be used at various atmospheric temperatures.
  3. Recommended engine oil grade is SAE-10W-30. However, if the riding area has high atmospheric temperature, recommended grade is SAE-20W-40 / 20W-50.
  4. Always use Atlas Honda Genuine Oil for the best performance.

The above details can help you choose the best engine oil for Honda 125 in Pakistan.

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