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When it comes down to motorcycles, Honda CG 125 needs no introduction. This power packed bike has everything to impress its local users. Honda 125 is the most awaited bike among all the others around Pakistan. Altas Honda has more than 40% shares in the Pakistani bike industry because of the thrilling sound that the silencer makes in Honda CG 125. A new model of Honda CG 125 is arriving in 2023, which is Honda CG 125. If you want to buy the new model, we have covered you with the Honda 125 price in Pakistan, specs, and everything else you need to know. Now let’s look at the honda 125 price in Pakistan 2023 and its features.

Honda CG 125 in Pakistan

Another reason behind the sales of the Honda CG 125 is the speed this bike thrills on the roads of Pakistan. No other bike in Pakistan gives complete competition to this bike according to its speed, sound, and grip. Every year Honda makes a new model 125, with some new features, specifications, and looks. That’s why the price tag of this bike increases every year. The new model comes with an engine warranty of three years.

Key Highlights of Honda CG 125 2023

Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan

The new main features of this bike are the rear grip seat with a high level of comfort, the unique design of the petrol tank, a smokeless engine with four strokes, an economy zone attractive speedometer, a new method of the front light with more brightness, and also an improvement in backlight.

Engine Performance

Regarding engine performance, the CG 125 has everything to please its riders. Over the years, the company has brought several changes to the engine technology to make it more environmental-friendly and fuel efficient. Although there might not be many changes engine-wise in the new model, it is essential to mention that the engine complies with the Euro II standard. For those who do not know, Euro II is the latest technology that offers improved fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the most critical factors that bike owners look out for is the fuel average. Unlike 70cc bikes, Honda CG 125 is known to consume more fuel. If we look back into the owner experiences of older models, the fuel average was not satisfactory. Daily bike users did not prefer this bike owing to its fuel consumption.

While this may be valid, the company has dramatically improved the fuel part of the CG 125. With the Euro II engine replacing the previous technology, the fuel average has seen improvement. The most commonly reported and recorded fuel average of Honda CG 125 2023 is 35 km/L. However, a very well-tuned bike can also deliver a fuel average of over 45 km/L. Majorly, it depends on the driving style.


The engine used in this bike is four stroke OVH air-cooled type. This feature does not let the motor overheat and enables the rider to ride it for hours. Honda CG 125 has a 4-speed transmission that can produce 11 horsepower. The bike has a built-in 12-volt battery that transmits power to the indicators and lights. This long-lasting battery increases its lifetime. The fuel consumption can travel up to 50 km in 1 litre. The tank capacity is 9.8L. Hence, it is fuel-saving and has a low operation cost that can travel up to long roads. 

Engine4-Stroke OHV Air Cooled
Bore & Stroke56.5 x 49.5 mm
StartingKick Start
Final DriveRoller Chain
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
Dimension(LxWxH)1912 x 735 x 1026 mm
Seat Height764 mm
Ground Clearance132 mm
Petrol Capacity9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters)
Wheel Base1204 mm
Tire at Front2.50 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire at Back3.00 – 17 (6 PR)
Suspension FrontTelescopic Fork 103 mm Travel
Suspension BackSwing Arm 68 mm Travel
Dry Weight100kg

New Sticker

Although Atlas Honda has changed the sticker once again, it has not pleased the customers as much. But the reason behind it is the company’s consistent practice of varying colours and the style of stickers on the body. Users believe that the company should move further from just upgrading the sticker and bringing some decent modifications to the bodywork. While this is a valid demand, the new stickers of the 2023 model can be seen in the pictures below.

Available Colours

Keeping the convention in place, Atlas Honda has introduced new stickers for Honda CG 125 latest model. You can get a Black one or a Red one. It depends on your personal preference about the colour and sticker design of both to choose from.

What Are the 55 Changes in Honda CG 125 2023?

Per the company’s official statement, the new CG 125 comes with 55 changes compared to the previous models. Eighteen changes are related to the design department, whereas the other 37 are related to the engine.

Here are the changes as claimed by Atlas Honda:

Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan Honda CG 125 2022 price in Pakistan

Honda CG 125 Expert Review

Buying Honda bikes in Pakistan might be easy for most bike users, but some users may have concerns regarding bike performance, fuel average, design, and other factors. For instance, Honda CD 70 users may want to upgrade to CG 125. Such customers may need the inside story to know if the bike is worth the decision.

To ease the buying process, we have covered the most critical factors highlighting the pros and cons of the CG 125. The most crucial point is the bike’s performance. If you compare it to the competitive segment, you may not take long to learn that the CG 125 has a superior performance. The bike’s pick remains untouched by most cycles in the local market. Compared to its direct competitor Yamaha YBR 125, the Honda CG 125 features a four-forward gearbox.

Honda 125 Price in Pakista

If we review the bike design, the CG 125 has a relatively traditional design with no significant changes observed over the years. Here, it is crucial to highlight the complaints of Honda customers regarding bike part upgrades. The company massively increases the bike prices every few months but does not offer any significant changes in the newer models. The only difference we observe every year is the sticker upgrade. The same problem lies in the case of the Honda CD 70.

The bike’s fuel efficiency may be another issue for some riders. Unlike Yamaha YBR 125, the CG 125 covers nearly 35-37 kilometres in a litre. The fuel average may vary depending on various factors. We have added an expert Honda CG 125 review below for your ease.

Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan

Honda CG 125 2023 price in Pakistan is Rs. 147,500. The price is a bit higher as expected from the last year. The rise is because of the improvements in the quality of this bike.

Key Takeaways:

What is the price of the Honda CG 125 2023 in Pakistan?

The new model of CG 125 (2023) comes with a price of PKR 185900.

What is the Honda CG 125  fuel average?

The most commonly reported and recorded fuel average of Honda CG 125 2023 is 35 km/L. However, a very well-tuned bike can also deliver a fuel average of over 45 km/L.

Which is the best model of the Honda CG 125?

According to Atlas Honda, the CG 125 2023 model comes with 55 changes making it better than ever. Eighteen changes are related to design, whereas 37 are related to the engine and performance parts.

We hope the above information about Honda CG 125 helps you in making an informed choice.

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