7 Most Useful Government Apps in Pakistan 2023

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useful government apps in Pakistan

In this digitized world, a large number of activities have moved to smartphones or laptops. Whether it is ordering food online, making purchases, learning something, or making money online, it is all easily handled through smartphones. Therefore, Government has also initiated some useful government apps in Pakistan to facilitate customers with the best public services online.


List of Useful Government Apps in Pakistan

By using these useful government apps in Pakistan, citizens can easily access Government documents, apply for jobs, pay bills and a lot more. So, here is a list of a few of those government applications that help citizens in their daily lives.

  • Pakistan Citizen’s Portal
  • Motor Registration Checker
  • Device Verification System
  • Govt. Jobs Pakistan
  • Pharmapedia Pakistan

All these apps are beneficial to all the citizens of Pakistan and they are easily accessible by everyone on their smartphones as well as PCs, tablets, and laptops.


useful government apps in Pakistan

NADRA is an abbreviation for National Database and Registration Authority that keeps a record of all the information regarding the identification of all the citizens of Pakistan. Its mobile application has been developed to allow citizens to get identity verification and other documents like passport and death certificates.

These are some services that NADRA mobile application provides to the citizens:

  1. National Identity Card (NIC) verification: Users can keep a track of their CNIC record digitally
  2. Users can track the status of their document issuance process.
  3. CNIC issuance: Users can apply for a new CNIC using a biometric system on their phones.
  4. Passport application: Issuance of a new passport or renewal of the existing one can also be done through the NADRA app.
  5. Birth Certificate: You can also apply for a birth certificate.
  6. Death Certificate: You can also request the issuance of a death certificate using this app.

This is one of the most useful government apps in Pakistan that saves citizens from the hassle of waiting in the cues for identity verification documents.

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

useful government apps in Pakistan

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal was established by the Performance Management Unit of KP Administration. It is the second among the top three best and most useful Government apps in Pakistan due to its functionality. This is a one-stop platform that allows complaints and grievances of citizens related to all their problems.

Recently, this application has gained massive popularity among the citizens of Pakistan. It provides information regarding a lot of public sectors as well as provides a platform for citizens to register their complaints and queries.

The app is divided into multiple sections related to Education, Law and Order, Health, Municipal Services, Energy and Power, Revenue, and Human Rights. The users can access it to register their complaints to the relevant provincial or federal administrations.

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal allows users to check the status of their complaints or queries. Moreover, locals and foreigners can use this application for information and queries. Additionally, the app is free to download and use for all citizens whether local or foreign.


  • Complaint Management: It allows the users to keep a track of their complaints’ status as well as register new ones regarding different sectors of life.
  • Service delivery: Users can also pay bills, track government services, and apply for the issuance of several government documents.
  • Information Dissemination: It allows users to watch the progress of several government schemes and projects.
  • Public feedback: Users can give their opinions regarding the performance of Government departments and also suggest improvements through the app.

Motor Registration Checker

useful government apps in Pakistan

Forget about visiting the motor registration offices and authorities because the Government of Pakistan has introduced a useful Government app in Pakistan called Motor Registration Checker.

Now checking for vehicle verification, car details, transfer history and ownership details is easy through the mobile app. This app holds information regarding all the vehicles in Pakistan from the excise departments of Sindh, Punjab, Khayber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), and Islamabad’s Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS).

This app is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter the chassis number of your car and it will provide all information regarding the engine, price, colour, date of registration, and token number.

This government application is available for free on both Android’s Play Store and IOS’s App Store.

Device Verification System (DVS)- DIRBS Pakistan

useful government apps in Pakistan

With an increase in the illegal import or smuggling of mobile phones from other countries, the government of Pakistan has decided to take serious action regarding it. Therefore, no mobile phone in Pakistan could operate without verification of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

To check the verification of your smartphone, you can check the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number using Device Verification System (DVS). If your device is not already authenticated, you can also request it using the app and request payment of imposed taxes.

You can download the app for free on your smartphone. There is also a separate dashboard for users to track the status of their applications.

Govt. Jobs Pakistan

useful government apps in Pakistan

This is one of the most useful Government apps in Pakistan for people who are seeking jobs. It is a one-stop platform that shares details regarding all the available government jobs. So, the users do not have to run through all the newspapers for their relevant jobs.

As soon as any government job vacancy arises, it is available on Govt. Jobs Pakistan application. You can download this app for free and use it easily because of its user-friendly interface.


useful government apps in Pakistan

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) offers financial information regarding the state-owned enterprises of Pakistan. Moreover, the users can also check the performance of the enterprises. Its purpose is to provide transparent information regarding the performance of state-owned enterprises. This app is a useful tool to develop economic growth and help users in making wise investment decisions.


  • Performance Monitoring: This app offers details about the performance of public sector companies like profit, revenue, and costs.
  • Financial Management: It shows all the information regarding the financial statements of all the state-owned enterprises.
  • Company Information: This app shows all the products and services offered by public companies.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

useful government apps in Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan is one of the most useful government apps in Pakistan that is helping citizens with their medication details. This app contains all the information regarding medicines and their availability.

You can check the details about all the drugs like summary, dosage, chemical makeup, and side effects of any medicine in Pakistan. The users can also check the retail price of all the medicines.

Moreover, it is a medical encyclopedia that allows users to compare medicines from different companies. Pharmapedia Pakistan offers the following services:

  • Medicine Search: The interface of this app allows the users to see the availability of their required medicine and browse them for details.
  • Price comparison: You can check the retail price of all medicines as well as compare prices of the same medicines from different pharmaceutical brands.
  • Medicine Information: It provides all the details about the composition, dosage, and side effects of all medicines.
  • Availability: This shows the availability of medicine at different pharmacies.

All the useful government apps in Pakistan that are mentioned above are leading the country to an efficient nation. They provide convenience to the citizens to access public services and get information regarding many activities of the authorities. Therefore, these apps are allowing transparency between the Government of Pakistan and the public.

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