Top 5 songs by Hasan Raheem in 2022

If you don’t already know who is Hasan Raheem and why is he an on-going sensation ever since he laid down his first official song – it’s okay. The pandemic hasn’t been kind to everyone. But now that we are out and back in the world, let’s talk about the positive things these days rather than petrol and electricity bill hikes.


Born in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, Hasan had always been a bit of a rebel despite being the eldest in 3 siblings and having an army dad. He performed on a stage for the first time when he was in 5th grade influenced by the British-Indian RDB group and maybe that’s when he realized music is something he likes.

Hasan Raheem’s Music Genres

Hasan Raheem is known for his laid-back RnB music but has also dabbled into hip hop, soul and indie pop music styles. At just 24 years, this Leo, has garnered a lot of praise and recognition. Hasan went to Karachi to study medicine and while he was still studying he started writing and humming songs. He released his first track when he was still a student. So if your parents ever said complete your studies and then pursue your interests – that works too! Hasan is an MBBS as well as a singer, songwriter and rapper.

Hasan has incorporated Shina, a language spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan, with Urdu and English so beautifully in his songs most of the time that most people don’t even notice it. He also won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2020 at the 1st Pakistan international screen awards held in Dubai. However, PISA awards have been criticized by many actors who had some issues regarding the management of the event.

Top 5 Songs by Hasan Raheem

While all songs by Hasan Raheem have a unique touch to themselves along with a sense of familiarity, we do think that there are songs that will remain forever green – no matter the year they came out in.

1.      Aisay Kaisay

Year Released: 2020

Views on Youtube: 6.4M

Lyrics: Adnan Abbas & Hasan Raheem

Film/Music: Abdullah Kasumbi

2.      Joona

Year Released: 2020

Views on Youtube: 4.3M

Lyrics: Hasan Raheem

Film/Music: Peach Fuzz

3.      Paisa

Year Released: 2021

Views on Youtube: 3M

Lyrics: Hasan Raheem

Producer: Talal Qureshi

4.      Peechy Hut

Year Released: 2022

Views on Youtube: 13M

Lyrics: Hasan Raheem

Hook Line: Talal Qureshi

Singers: Hasan Raheem x Justin Bibis

5.      Faltu Pyar

Year Released: 2022

Views on Youtube: 346K

Lyrics: Hasan Raheem x Natasha Noorani

Singer: Hasan Raheem x Natasha Noorani


Choosing just 5 of his songs was a difficult task but these are the ones most played and listened to by many people. However, it can’t be ignored that Hasan’s songs ‘aarzu’, ‘sar phira’ and ‘sun le na’ also received views in millions and played a vital role in getting the singer more recognition.

Hasan is an amazing singer and one of his songs ‘Peechy Hut’ also made it into Ms Marvel’s episodes getting him, Justin bibis and coke studio global recognition and fan base. We wish only good things for Hasan and team and can’t wait to see his future projects and songs.

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