Top 10 Indian Dramas of All Times

dramaTop 10 Indian Dramas of All Times

Indian dramas

Those who belong to the 1900s and early 2000s have a clear memory of what they used to be on television. Unlike today, there was no source of entertainment for people like smartphones and laptops. People only had televisions with dramas and movies from Bollywood to pass their time. Indian dramas were household talk when the women met somewhere.

Top 10 Indian Dramas

The Pakistani drama industry has flourished a lot, and some of the best dramas are incomparable to any other. The theatres are short and meaningful and leave a lesson in people’s minds. Yet some still love to watch Indian dramas and their long-going stories. So, if you want to watch some of the best Indian dramas, you can watch them on Dekho Drama TV. Here is a list of some of the best dramas of all time.

  1. Kumkum Bhagya
  2. Kasam Tere Pyar Ki
  3. Yeh Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai
  4. Naagin
  5. Thapki
  6. Udaan
  7. Balika Vadhu
  8. Khichdi
  9. Bepanah
  10. Ek Duje Ke Vaste

Kumkum Bhagya

Kukum Bhagya is an Indian’s favourite drama serial Ekta Kapoor produces under Balaji Films. Fans love the love relationship between the lead couple, Pragya and Abhishek, played by Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia. The drama started in 2014 and continues today.

The story has moved on from Pragya and Abhishek to the next generation. In the lead roles, Munda Chaphekar and Krishna Kaul play the recent starring couple. The drama is full of twists and turns and love and separation situations. It is for those who love to watch something with a rollercoaster of emotions. Check out the trailer:

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki

Kasam Tere Pyar ki

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki premiered on Colors Tv on 7 March 2016. It is a unique love story starring Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra. The plot of this drama serial rotated around a loving couple, Rishi and Tanu. It shows how the two reunite after rebirth and shows the power of true love. The drama serial had only one season with 623 episodes.

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Indian dramas

Ye Rishta Kia Kehlata Hai is the most extended drama in the history of Indian dramas. It began on 12 January 2009 on Star Plus TV, still the current date. Its story began with Hina Khan as Akshara and Karan Mehra as Naitik. The show later followed the love story of their second generation, played by Shivangi Joshi as Nayra and Mohsin Khan as Kartik.

Right now, the drama is continued with the tales of the third generation. Paranal Rathor is playing the character of Akshara, and Harshad Chopra is acting as Dr Abhimanyu Birla in the recent episodes. Fans love this drama because of the romantic story between the couple.


Naagin is a unique story that blends the natural and imaginary worlds of snakes. It is a supernatural fiction that revolves around female serpents taking revenge or fulfilling some incomplete tasks in the human world.

The first season got a lot of viewership because of the attractive couple of Mouni Roy and Arjun Bijlani. Everyone loved their chemistry and the unusual love story. The story went further in season 2, which starred Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, and Adaa Khan. Nagin has six seasons until now that all relate to one another with the generational plots and stories following.

Thapki Pyar Ki

Indian dramas

Thapki Pyar Ki was a meaningful drama that taught a lot to people with insecurities. The acting was about a girl named Thapki Chaturvedi with a stammering problem. It shows her journey towards empowerment. Season 1 of Thapki Pyar Ki had 704 episodes and starred Jigyasa Singh, Manish Goplani, Nitanshi Goel, Ankit Bathla, Sheena Bajaj, and Monica Khanna.

Season 2 of the show came on-air from 4 October 2021 to 8 April 2022. It shows how people with insecurities need a little push to define their lives.


Udaan drama

Udaan was a unique drama in the history of Indian dramas. It helped spread awareness regarding the dilemma of peasants, financial difficulty, and child labour. The plot focused on child labour and issues caused by landowners in the villages.

The story was about a little girl Chakor who ran away from the labour of landowners of her village. She creates her own life in the city and turns into a powerful woman in the end. It is also one of the longest-running soap operas in drama history.

Balika Vadhu

Indian dramas

Balika Vadhu first premiered on Colors TV on 21 July 2008 and continued till 31 July 2016. There was a total of 2,248 episodes in the first season. The first season was named Balika Vadhu- Kachi Umar Kay Pakkay Rishte. The second season was called Balika Vadhu- Lamhy Pyaar Kay.

It targeted the problem of child marriage in the tribal areas of Rajhastan, India. The drama represented the villages’ authentic and crude cultures and insane practices. However, it showed the evolution of how the problem of child marriages came to an end.


Khichdi drama

Khichdi is one of the oldest comedy dramas in India. It is a famous Hindi Sitcom with three seasons. It debuted on Star Plus in 2002. Each and every episode was full of gusts of laughter due to some brilliant comic actors.

Khichdi is a comic drama revolving around a Gujrati family that lives in an old ancestral mansion. All the characters are willing to get their share of the property and get separated. However, their father thinks otherwise and cannot let his house get sold. Therefore, the members humorously wait for the father to change his mind or stop breathing so they get what they want.


Bepanah Indian dramas

Bepanah was a short romantic drama aired on Colors TV from 19 March to 30 November 2018. Fans liked the on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra. They were already married but their spouses of them both cheated on them each other. They get together, in the drama, in the roles of Aditya and Zoya.

Fate got them into a road accident, and they died. This leaves Aditya and Zoya in anger and denial. Zoya tries to commit suicide but is saved by Aditya, and then they gradually follow the path of love.

Ek Duje Key Vastu

Ek Duje Key Vaste

Ek Duje Key Vastu came on-air on Sony TV from 29 February 2016 to 7 October 2016. This was a romantic love story between two childhood friends who found love in each other in adulthood.

Suman and Shravan were childhood friends who separated because Shravan had to move to the UK to practice law. Upon returning, he rejects Suman. Aditya, a family friend, comes in between with whom Suman’s grandfather wants her to get married. However, he misbehaves with her, and the wedding is called off. Following a few incidents, Suman and Shravan get married and confess their love to each other.

These were some of the best Indian dramas you can watch anytime, and you never get enough of them. Also, see some of the best Pakistani dramas in 2022.

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