Top 10 Tiktokers in UAE 2023 that you need to follow

UAEDubaiTop 10 Tiktokers in UAE 2023 that you need to follow

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TikTok has become a growing sensation among the youngsters. They do not only use it for entertainment but also use it as a platform to spread their talent and influence other people. These TikToker influencers are all in the content creation and engagement game. We have gathered up some of the top Tiktokers in UAE in 2023.

Best TikTokers in UAE 2023

The best TikTokers in UAE are as follows:

  • Zibah Gulley
  • Jumana Khan
  • Sarahh Miladd
  • Faryal
  • Huda Beauty
  • Yara Aziz
  • Pinky Francis
  • Basel Gazioglu
  • Raghad
  • Khalid and Salama

Zibah Gulley

TikTokers in UAE

Zibah Gulley has the most extensive engagement among TikTok influencers in UAE. She is a UAE-based Afghan who is involved in the hospitality industry. Her content includes lifestyle vlogs, fashion content, and lip-sync videos. She has engaged a large number of followers. Zibah Gulley is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Farsi. She posts regularly on her TikTok account.

Jumana Khan

TikTokers in UAE

Jumana Khan is a young Tiktoker from UAE. She rose to popularity because of her content creation on TikTok. She has 9.2 million followers on TikTok. Jumana Khan is also married to a fashion blogger named Ajmal Khan. She posts multiple videos on TikToker through which she has gained massive success. Jumana is not only famous on TikTok but also on YouTube and Instagram. She has collaborated with many other Tiktok influencers from different countries.

After being a YouTuber and Tiktok Influencer, Jumana has also stepped into the career of acting with South Indian and Bollywood movies in her career’s lineup.

Sarahh Miladd

TikTokers in Dubai

Sarah Miladd has 7.9 million followers on TikTok with 91.2 million likes on her videos. She is a famous Tiktoker in UAE who lives in Dubai. She posts a variety of content including fashion and lifestyle, skincare, makeup, funny, dance videos, and funny lip-sync videos. Due to her versatility, she has engaged a large number of followers.


TikTokers in Dubai

Faryal Fairy is a famous Pakistani TikToker who lives in Dubai. She produces engaging content for the people in UAE as well as Pakistan. Faryal Fairy dresses up modestly in her videos and creates her style statement to influence her followers. She is still single. Faryal volunteers in social work as well. She has 11.4 million followers on TikTok and 276.9 million likes on her videos.

Huda Beauty

TikTokers in UAE

Huda Beauty is well-known all over the world. Whoever loves makeup, knows who Huda Beauty is because it is one of the best makeup brands from UAE. This Tiktok account has 8.6 million followers and 182.4 million likes. Followers like her video to watch the latest beauty and makeup trends along with skin care tips.

Yara Aziz

Yara Aziz TikTok videos

Yara Aziz is one of the most beautiful and famous Tiktokers in UAE in 2023. She is fashionable and lively and loves to post funny and entertaining videos. Her followers count is 5.1 million. She has 94.6 million likes on TikTok. Yara Aziz is famous for posting lip-sync videos. moreover, she actively gets involved in all the trending challenges on TikTok.

Pinky J Francis

Pinky Francis

Pinky J Francis is a born Pakistani who lives in Dubai. She is quite famous for her lip-sync and entertaining videos on Tiktok. Pinky is also one of the richest Tiktok stars who are born in Pakistan. She has 3.1 million followers with 47.5 million likes on TikTok. People from Pakistan, UAE and other countries like to watch her videos.

Basel Gazioglu

Funny TikTokers

Basel Gazioglu is famous for his funny videos on TikTok. He creates as short videos as 20-25 seconds but all of them are laughable. His fans love to enjoy his videos. After success on TikTok, he started his career on YouTube. He has 3.3 million followers and 100.4 million likes.


Raghad is one of the best TikTokers in Dubai in 2023. Along with being a Tiktoker, she is also a dental student. She creates a variety of content like makeup, travel, food, styling, lip-sync, and TikTok challenges. She always remains in a hijab in all of her videos. Raghad’s Tiktok account is under the name @itsragoode. She has 5.5 million followers with 82.6 million views.

Khalid and Salama

TikTokers in UAE

Khalid and Salama are a power couple on TikTok, not quite romantically but in a hilarious way. They have a couple account on TikTok where they post funny videos and pranks with each other. They are famous Tiktokers in UAE who post family content that everyone loves. Couples also relate to their content. They have 5.2 million followers and 95.3 million likes on Tiktok.


Who is the best beauty influencing Tiktoker in UAE?

Huda Beauty, so far, is the best beauty influencer in UAE. This account has a lot of skincare, makeup, and beauty-related tips and tricks.

Who is the funny Arab TikTok couple?

The best Arab TikTok couple is Khalid and Salama who post family and lovable couple content in a hilarious way.

What are the top Tiktok accounts in UAE?

The top TikTokers from UAE are Zibah Gulley, Jumana Khan, Pinky Francis, Sarah Miladd and Raghad.


These were some of the best TikTokers in UAE who have gained massive popularity worldwide. The above-mentioned TikTokers are listed randomly without any followers or likes statistics. They are making digital entertainment interesting for the viewers and elevating the social world of the UAE.

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