Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

Saba Qamar has finally called it off with Azeem Khan and here is what she said!


Our most favourite and stunning actress Saba Qamar has just announced her break up with her recently declared beau Azeem Khan. The news has caused a frenzy among the fans as Qamar has taken this heartbreaking news to her Instagram. Here is everything you need to know about Saba Qamar and Azeem Khan’s short-term relationship!

Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

The ‘Cheekh’ actress has announced to call it off with her recently declared beau Azeem Khan. Although everyone was super-excited to learn that their all-time favourite actress Saba has finally decided to tie the knot. However, the twist in the story emerged when a girl named Ujala accused ex-boyfriend Azeem Khan of rape and death threats.

Here is the note Saba Qamar posted on social media announcing an end to the relationship with Khan:

Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

While taking it to social media, Saba stated:

“I have a very important announcement to make, due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan,”

She went on to write:

“‘WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW’. Hope you guys will support my decision just like you all have been supporting me always, and I guess it’s never too late to realise the bitter realities!”

Saba Qamar also cleared the air on something really important about her relationship:

“I also wanted to clear ONE IMPORTANT thing that is:
“I have never Met Azeem Khan in my life we were only connected over the phone”

Considering it a hard time for her, the ‘Cheekh’ actress said:

“It’s a very hard time on me right now but as we all know ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’ Insha Allah :)”

Azeem Khan’s Reaction to Saba’s Announcement!

Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

Right after Saba took this news to Instagram, her ex-beau Azeem Khan reacted by posting this story:

Saba Qamar Announces Break Up with Recently Declared Beau Azeem!

He clearly mentioned that:

“She hasn’t write my side of story and yes it’s my fault, YES, IT’S MY FAULT.”

However, the reasons for the breakup are not revealed yet!

A Glimpse Into the Revelations of Ujala about Azeem!

One of Saba’s fans name Ujala took it to her Instagram and shared the traumatic history of experiences she had due to Azeem Khan. According to the accusation, Azeem Khan has been involved in leaking private information from a private women’s group by disguising himself as a woman.

She posted:

Azeem’s Clarification and Response of Saba Qamar!

Saba Qamar’s ex-beau Azeem Khan posted a clarification video after serious allegations by her ex-girlfriend Ujala. He refused all accusations and said:

“I don’t understand that why people make false accusations without knowing the fact and reality. You are ruining someone’s life just for fame. Our intentions are to purely settle down our relationship in a proper way which is ‘Nikkah’. Such people should be ashamed of what they are doing.”

He further added:

“I don’t care about Saba’s past, she doesn’t care about my past, the thing which matters us is our future. Trust me we don’t care what people are saying. You are putting an effort which will not led you to any point. I hope that people will understand what I said and they will not waste their time now in spreading false news.”

Saba Qamar showed her full support to Azeem and commented, “I trust you.” However, the video is no more available on his Instagram now.

The reasons for this break up are still unknown. We wish that Saba Qamar recovers quickly through this tough phase.

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