Girl Accuses Saba Qamar’s Boyfriend for Rape and Death Threats!

Saba Qamar's boyfriend Azeem Khan accused of rape and death threats by one of Saba's fans! Find out the details below.


Just recently, Saba Qamar confirmed the news of tying the knot with blogger Azeem Khan later this year. While fans are still busy wishing the couple best wished and prayers, it looks like there is a controversy waiting for Saba Qamar’s boyfriend. Let’s dig into the details together to find out what is it about!

Saba Qamar's boyfriend accused of death and rape threats

Saba Qamar’s Boyfriend Accused of Rape and Death Threats

Earlier today, one of Saba’s fans name Ujala took it to her Instagram and shared the traumatic history of experiences she faced due to Saba’s boyfriend Azeem Khan. According to the accusation, Azeem Khan has been involved in leaking private information from a private women’s group by disguising himself as a woman.

Saba Qamar's boyfriend accused of death and rape threats Saba Qamar's boyfriend accused of death and rape threats

While it is too early to predict the truth in this story, the netizens are raising questions against Azeem Khan’s character asking for explanations.

Who is Azeem Khan?

Azeem Khan is a successful Australian-Pakistani entrepreneur hailing from Karachi, Pakistan. Khan currently resides in Sydney. Not many may know this but he is also a blogger with more than 55 thousand followers on Instagram.

Saba Qamar’s Relationship with Azeem Khan

The news of Saba Qamar dating Azeem Khan caught the attention of netizens when they shared some hinting comments on Instagram. Talking to a media outlet, Saba Qamar confirmed that she is indeed getting married to the person of her interest this year. While this may be true, the Cheekh star did not reveal any further details.

Saba Qamar's boyfriend accused of death and rape threats

As of now, we are anxious to find out the wedding dates and more details from the couple.

Ujala’s Accusation – How will it affect the couple?

Currently, there is no explanation given by Saba Qamar or Azeem Khan regarding Ujala’s accusation. We have also observed similar conspiracies before in Pakistan’s showbiz and media industry. However, the truth is yet to be figured out. We can hope to see a response from the couple pretty soon.

Will Saba Qamar support Azeem Khan against the claims of her fan? our fingers are crossed to find it out and update you with what happens next in the story!

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