Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore | Sehar And Iftar Timings

GeneralRamadan Calendar 2022 Lahore | Sehar And Iftar Timings

Ramadan is the Holy month of the Islamic calendar. The month of Ramadan is a great blessing to Muslims from Allah Almighty and has great importance in every Muslim’s life. In this month we fast and please our Lord through worship. In the Quran, Allah says, “Fasting is for me, and I will pay the reward.” Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. It changes according to the moon’s rotation. The moon completes its rotation in 29.5 days which makes an  Islamic month fall between 29 to 30 days. According to the rotation of Earth, the times of appearance of the moon differ. Due to this, the sun rising and sun setting timings are different in every place. Therefore, we present to you Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore. 

Importance of Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore

The need for Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore is increasing. The times are gone when drummers roamed around streets to wake everyone up for Sehar. Now people have to keep a calendar to know about the Iftar and Sehar schedule. People in different cities break their fast at different times because of differences in sunset timings. It is obligatory upon all Muslims to observe fast according to their area as the delay or haste in Sehar or Iftar is not acceptable in Islam. Therefore, a Ramadan calendar 2022 Lahore is designed ahead of time to remove any confusion from the minds of people. By following this Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Lahore, the Muslims can keep a check of the clock to do all the preparations beforehand. 

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore

RamadanDateSehri TimeIftar Time
1.02 April 202204:27 AM6:24 PM
2.03 April 202204:26 AM6:24 PM
3.04 April 202204:24 AM6:25 PM
4.05 April 202204:23 AM6:26 PM
5.06 April 202204:21 AM6:26 PM
6.07 April 202204:20 AM6:27 PM
7.08 April 202204:19 AM6:28 PM
8.09 April 202204:17 AM6:28 PM
9.10 April 202204:16 AM6:29 PM
10.11 April 202204:15 AM6:30 PM
11.12 April 202204:13 AM6:30 PM
12.13 April 202204:12 AM6:31 PM
13.14 April 202204:10 AM6:32 PM
14.15 April 202204:09 AM6:32 PM
15.16 April 202204:08 AM6:33 PM
16.17 April 202204:06 AM6:34 PM
17.18 April 202204:05 AM6:34 PM
18.19 April 202204:04 AM6:35 PM
19.20 April 202204:02 AM6:36 PM
20.21 April 202204:01 AM6:36 PM
21.22 April 202204:00 AM6:37 PM
22.23 April 202203:58 AM6:38 PM
23.24 April 202203:57 AM6:38 PM
24.25 April 202203:56 AM6:39 PM
25.26 April 202203:54 AM6:40 PM
26.27 April 202203:53 AM6:40 PM
27.28 April 202203:52 AM6:41 PM
28.29 April 202203:51 AM6:42 PM
29.30 April 202203:49 AM6:42 PM
30.01 May 202203:48 AM6:43 PM


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