Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi | Iftar And Sehar Schedule

GeneralRamadan Calendar 2022 Karachi | Iftar And Sehar Schedule

Our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said “When the month of Ramadan arrives, the doors of mercy are opened”. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year in Islamic culture. For all Muslims, it is a time of spiritual reflection and development, of helping the needy and spending time with loved ones. It is also a time when Muslims around the world are ready to earn blessings during the month of Ramadan. Therefore, to gather all these blessings, here is a Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi for all Karachites.

Importance of Ramadan Calendar

Muslims use the Islamic Hijri calendar to begin the month of Ramadan. This calendar is based on the lunar transition and the completion of the lunar cycle in 29.5 days. Thus the month of the Islamic calendar is about 29-30 days. For this reason, the date of the moon usually confuses people. Similarly, some scholarly religious leaders sighting the moon responsibly. Their moon sighting decides the outset of Ramadan. Although all Muslims wait for the new moon to appear before announcing the first day of Ramadan, they are expecting it.


Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi

Also, the timing of Iftar and Sahar times depends on sunset and sunrise. Accordingly, an adequate Islamic calendar is formulated every year. But the Iftar and Sahar timing is not similar all over the world because of the difference between day and night time, so the calendars are different according to the regions, and it is also different for Sunni and Shia sects. So, here is a Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi to assist Karachites to observe their fasts properly and stay punctual regarding their Sehar and Iftar.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi

RamadanDateSehri TimeIftar Time
1.02 April 202205:05 AM6:49 PM
2.03 April 202205:04 AM6:50 PM
3.04 April 202205:03 AM6:50 PM
4.05 April 202205:02 AM6:51 PM
5.06 April 202205:00 AM6:51 PM
6.07 April 202204:59 AM6:52 PM
7.08 April 202204:58 AM6:52 PM
8.09 April 202204:57 AM6:52 PM
9.10 April 202204:56 AM6:53 PM
10.11 April 202204:55 AM6:53 PM
11.12 April 202204:54 AM6:54 PM
12.13 April 202204:53 AM6:54 PM
13.14 April 202204:52 AM6:55 PM
14.15 April 202204:50 AM6:55 PM
15.16 April 202204:49 AM6:56 PM
16.17 April 202204:48 AM6:56 PM
17.18 April 202204:47 AM6:56 PM
18.19 April 202204:46 AM6:57 PM
19.20 April 202204:45 AM6:57 PM
20.21 April 202204:44 AM6:58 PM
21.22 April 202204:43 AM6:58 PM
22.23 April 202204:42 AM6:59 PM
23.24 April 202204:41 AM6:59 PM
24.25 April 202204:40 AM7:00 PM
25.26 April 202204:39 AM7:00 PM
26.27 April 202204:38 AM7:01 PM
27.28 April 202204:37 AM7:01 PM
28.29 April 202204:36 AM7:02 PM
29.30 April 202204:35 AM7:02 PM
30.01 May 202204:34 AM7:03 PM


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