Ramadan Calendar 2022 Islamabad | Sehar And Iftar Timings

GeneralRamadan Calendar 2022 Islamabad | Sehar And Iftar Timings

The blessed month of Ramadan is just around the corner to bring all the heavenly blessings upon us. Muslims always use an Islamic Hijri calendar to start every month. This calendar depends upon the lunar change. The cycle of the moon is 29.5 days. Thus, the Islamic calendar’s months last around 29-30 days. For this, there is uncertainty among the people about the dates of the new moon. Also, the timings of the day and night changes alter with every day. The Iftar and Sehar timings rely on the setting and rising of Sun. So, a proper Islamic Calendar is devised every year. It varies from place to place because of the universal laws. So, here is a Ramadan Calendar 2022 Islamabad.

The Need for Online Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan calendar 2022 Islamabad


Islamic calendar does not remain the same for all the areas because the sunset and sunrise timings are different. To stay accurate to the timings, a calendar helps to do your Sehar and Iftar on time. In some parts of Pakistan, there are still drummers who come to every street while beating their drums to wake people up. Even, it is common to have sirens blaring out from mosques. But, with the modernization, neither drummers come, nor the sirens could be easily heard because of the developed housing societies. To help the people of Islamabad, we have compiled the Ramadan calendar 2022 online to make it easy for them to manage their Iftar and Sehar routines.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Islamabad

RamadanDateSehri TimeIftar Time
1.02 April 202204:29 AM6:30 PM
2.03 April 202204:27 AM6:31 PM
3.04 April 202204:26 AM6:31 PM
4.05 April 202204:24 AM6:32 PM
5.06 April 202204:23 AM6:33 PM
6.07 April 202204:21 AM6:34 PM
7.08 April 202204:20 AM6:34 PM
8.09 April 202204:18 AM6:35 PM
9.10 April 202204:17 AM6:36 PM
10.11 April 202204:15 AM6:37 PM
11.12 April 202204:14 AM6:37 PM
12.13 April 202204:12 AM6:38 PM
13.14 April 202204:11 AM6:39 PM
14.15 April 202204:09 AM6:40 PM
15.16 April 202204:08 AM6:40 PM
16.17 April 202204:07 AM6:41 PM
17.18 April 202204:05 AM6:42 PM
18.19 April 202204:04 AM6:43 PM
19.20 April 202204:02 AM6:43 PM
20.21 April 202204:01 AM6:44 PM
21.22 April 202203:59 AM6:45 PM
22.23 April 202203:58 AM6:46 PM
23.24 April 202203:56 AM6:46 PM
24.25 April 202203:55 AM6:47 PM
25.26 April 202203:54 AM6:48 PM
26.27 April 202203:52 AM6:49 PM
27.28 April 202203:51 AM6:49 PM
28.29 April 202203:50 AM6:50 PM
29.30 April 202203:48 AM6:51 PM
30.01 May 202203:47 AM6:52 PM


For Other Cities

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Lahore 

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Karachi

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