New song I AM KASHMIR launched. Watch Video and read Lyrics

Islamabad, Pakistan: The new song has been released today in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day.


The last song of Turgay Evren “Kashmir Is My Name” became a household song in several countries of the world including in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

“I Am Kashmir” is composed by talented musician Ali Tolga Demistaş and is sung by Swiss singer Ekrem.





I will tell you now

The story of a land

Homes were destroyed

But hopes remain grand

I will read you now

A poem of a land

The pain is sharp

But hopes remain grand


Young men are in jails

Massacre prevails

İmagination fails

Mothers’ tears always rain


I am Kashmir

I stand tall

I am Kashmir

I never fall



In an interview with Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency, Turgay Evren said that after having released “Kashmir Is My Name”, he received hundreds of messages from Kashmiri people sending their thanks and prayers to him and he learned more about the suffering of Kashmiri people living in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

“Being approached by Kashmir Civitas, I produced two more songs in collaboration with Kasmir Civitas. Daimi Bahar (Eternal Spring), which was produced in Turkish, Urdu and Kashmiri was a tribute to honour 13 July Kashmir and 15 July Turkey martyrs. The other song “We Will Never Betray” was in Arabic, Urdu and Kashmiri and it was dedicated to Palestine and Kashmir together. Both songs have reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world. I was happy that all three songs we have produced on Kashmir were shared and appreciated by Dr. Arif Alvi, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” commented Turgay Evren.

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