Interview with Turkish Songwriter Turgay Evren: Song “I Am Kashmir” will be released on February 4

DND Thought CenterInterview with Turkish Songwriter Turgay Evren: Song “I Am Kashmir” will be...

Islamabad, Pakistan: The new song written by Turkish Songwriter Turgay Evren will be released on February 4. The writer of the popular song “Kashmir Is My Name” is now releasing “I am Kashmir’ in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day.

In an interview with Dispatch News Desk DND) News Agency Turgay Evren stated that highlighting the agonies of the Kashmiri people has become a cause of his life.

Turgay Evren is a Turkish story writer, poet, songwriter, professor, and composer. Turgay Evren got tremendous popularity as Muslim Voice after he released an English song on Jerusalem (Don’t Cry Jerusalem) two years ago.

He had penned work for raising Syrian refugees issues, African mothers and their starving kids, and Yemeni people struck by civil war and hunger.

The text of his interview is as follow:

In June 2020 our song “Kashmir Is My Name” was released. I had written the lyrics and Della Miles, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston’s vocalist had sung this song project initiated by Aziz Babuşcu, Istanbul MP of the ruling AK Party. This song made a global impact touching millions of hearts and let many people hear about the suffering of Kashmir occupied by India. The Indian government had removed the special status of Kashmir and imposed a curfew on Kashmiri people, sending more than 800 thousand soldiers. The global pandemic extended the lockdown Kashmiri people have suffered. In the meantime, things got worse in Kashmir for people in every aspect.

Interview with Turkish Song writer Turgay Evren: New song “I Am Kashmir” will be released on Febuary 4, 2021
Interview with Turkish Songwriter Turgay Evren: New song “I Am Kashmir” will be released on February 4, 2021

After having released “Kashmir Is My Name”, I received hundreds of messages from Kashmiri people sending their thanks and prayers to me. I have learned more about the suffering of Kashmiri people living in IOKashmir. I heard so many sad stories they have experienced. Torture and humiliation had turned into a part of their daily life. Being approached by Kashmir Civitas, I produced two more songs in collaboration with Kasmir Civitas. Daimi Bahar (Eternal Spring), which was produced in Turkish, Urdu and Kashmiri was a tribute to honour 13 July Kashmir and 15 July Turkey martyrs. The other song “We Will Never Betray” was in Arabic, Urdu and Kashmiri and it was dedicated to Palestine and Kashmir together. Both songs have reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world. I was happy that all three songs we have produced on Kashmir were shared and appreciated by Dr. Arif Alvi, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

As to the new song, when I learned about 5th February Kashmir Solidarity Day, I wanted to write a second English song as powerful as “Kashmir Is My Name”. Now I knew so many things about Kashmir: pellet guns and young people having turned blind, half-widows who could not get any information about their husbands for decades, fake encounters claiming the lives of innocent people.  Once again I was inspired to reflect the pain of Kashmiri brothers and sisters through my lyrics. This was my duty as a human being and a brother from Turkey.

I have written the lyrics of the new song “I Am Kashmir” in English. The talented musician Ali Tolga Demistaş composed and arranged the song, and Ekrem, who was raised in Switzerland lent his voice to this beautiful song. President Erdoğan had played some other English songs written by me and sung by Ekrem in his international programmes before. Ekrem sang this song not only with his voice but also with his heart. As to the composer and producer of this beautiful song, Ali Tolga Demirtaş, who lives in Los Angeles, is the hero behind all my humanitarian songs and he is the architect of our success in the field of music.  I hope this song will also touch millions of hearts globally and add voice to the voice of oppressed Kashmir. We will release this song on 4th February and we ask all the supporters of Kashmir to share this great song in all the social media platforms and channels.


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