Meezan Bank Provides Monthly instalments on Used Suzuki Cars

Cars in PakistanMeezan Bank Provides Monthly instalments on Used Suzuki Cars

Monthly instalments on Used Suzuki cars

Are you new to buying a car but holding back because of the high prices in the market? Don’t worry because Meezan Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan that is providing Shiriah-compliant Car ijarah for its customers. Now, the Car Ijarah scheme from Meezan Bank is not only limited to new cars but the clients can also take monthly instalments on Used Suzuki Cars like Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Alto, and Suzuki Cultus.

Features of Monthly Instalments on Used Suzuki Cars

Monthly instalments on Used Suzuki cars

This initiative is taken in collaboration with Pak Suzuki Motors Company. It allows the clients to get Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Cultus, and Suzuki Alto on interest-free monthly instalments and with a warranty. This step will make the purchase of cars easier for the masses who could not afford to buy a new car. There are several features of this Riba-free monthly instalments on used Suzuki cars.


First of all, it is a Shariah-compliant auto-loan financing by Meezan Bank. Earlier, it was only available for new cars but now the used cars can also be booked under this scheme. There is no interest on this loan because it works on the principles of Islamic Shariah.


Secondly, there is a warranty on used cars leased under Riba-free Used Car Ijarah. Meezan Bank has managed to set a standard for used cars to be leased. before leasing any car, the bank inspects the car comprehensively to look for any faults and check if it stands on the quality standards. It protects customers from paying hefty amounts for repairing cars. So, anyone who leases a used Suzuki car on monthly instalments from Meezan Bank is free from the worries of repair costs.

As Old as 6 Years

Monthly instalments on Used Suzuki cars

The collaboration between Suzuki and Meezan Bank allows customers to lease cars that are up to 6 years old. As a result, it becomes economical for the buyers to search for a car that complies with their budget. Along with the budget, they are also given diverse options to choose a car from a certain time frame and according to their requirements.

8 Years Financing

Not 3. Not 5. But 8 years of auto financing on used Suzuki cars. It helps the buyers to buy cars on easy instalments that spread up to 8 years. So they can pay minimal monthly rentals without burdening their pockets.

Discounted Monthly rentals and takaful Rates

Another perk of monthly instalments on Used Suzuki cars is the discounted monthly rentals and takaful rates. It makes leasing even more affordable for the clients of Meezan Bank and Pak Suzuki MotorsĀ  Company.

100% off on the Processing fee

There is a 100% off processing fee for buyers who want to lease Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Cultus, or Suzuki Alto from Meezan Bank. It helps in making the process more economical for the clients.

Final Words

This interest-free monthly instalment scheme by Meezan Bank is limited to a certain time period. So, do not miss this opportunity to get your hands on a car that you had been saving for years. Visit Meezan Bank’s website or go to any nearest branch for further details on

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