Suzuki Cultus Latest Price May 2023 Pakistan

Cars in PakistanSuzuki Cultus Latest Price May 2023 Pakistan


Suzuki Motors is a Japanese automobile brand. They make reliable and fuel-efficient cars. Cultus was first introduced in 1983 with different names around the globe, but then this car was discontinued globally in 2003. However, the prices of Suzuki Cultus variants have been increased. The latest costs of suzuki cultus will be discussed in this article.

Suzuki Cultus 2017 has been a massive success on the roads of Pakistan and made the production of this car due to its high demand. This model was launched in Pakistan in three variants—Suzuki Cultus’s latest price in Pakistan.

The first one is the Suzuki Cultus VXR which has a 998 cc petrol engine with a manual transmission and comes with a piece of 3,718,000 PKR; the second various variant is the Suzuki Cultus VXL which also has a 998 a CC petrol engine with manual transmission with a price of 4,084,000 PKR. The third variant is the Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift which also has a 998 CC petrol engine with an automatic transmission with a price tag between PKR 43 lakhs to 44 lacks.

Let me show you Suzuki Cultu’s latest price, engine specs, and design.

Suzuki Cultus latest price


Suzuki Cultus has a 998 cc three-cylinder petrol engine with auto and manual transmission-based according to the variants that generate the horsepower of 50 HP at 6000 RPM and a torque of 90 NM at 3500 RPM. 

Suzuki Cultus VXL 2023 Installment Plan


Suzuki Cultus can make up to 14 km/l  in the City and up to 18 km/l on the highway, which is an excellent average according to the engine.


Suzuki Cultus is a hatchback, but the interior is spacious and comfortable, and it can fit five passengers simultaneously. The seats are very soft, made up of high-quality black fabric, and more comfortable. This car has a power steering wheel wrapped in urethane and can be adjusted. Suzuki Cultus has SRS front airbags, seat belts, and an auto brake locking system(ABS).

Suzuki Cultus 2023 New Price


Suzuki cultus has an instrumental panel display distance to empty indication and a digital clock. This car also has a warning lights belt, reminder lamps, seatbelt, and low fuel warning. Suzuki Cultus has connectivity of Bluetooth, AUX, and USB connectivity.

Suzuki Cultus latest price


Suzuki Cultus 2023 is a Mini hatchback car. With sleek halogen multi-reflector headlights, you can see angular Chrome grills in the front. The tail lights on the rare are trapezium shape upswept lights and a stop lamp on the spoiler.

Suzuki Cultu’s latest price, specs, exterior, and interior are here.

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