Mayi Ri drama Cast, Timings, Plot, And More

EntertainmentMayi Ri drama Cast, Timings, Plot, And More

Mayi ri drama cast

Many Pakistani drama makers are turning from the mainstream love story and family political plots. They are switching to portray some severe issues of society like Sang-e-Maah, Kabuli Pulao, Jindo, Pinjra etc. One of the latest projects on ARY digital is the Mayi Ri drama which has taken over the internet by touching on the issue of child marriage. Learn more about the Mayi Ri drama cast, storyline, timings, OST, etc.

Details of Mayi Ri Drama

Fahad Mustafa and dr. Ali Kazmi has produced it under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment. Meesam Naqvi has directed it. Sana Fahad has composed the script for this project. It broadcasts daily on ARY Digital. This drama highlights the disturbing child marriage culture of our society.


This drama comes on-air every Monday to Sunday on ARy digital at 7:00 pm.

Who are the actors in Mayi Ri?

Mayi Ri drama has a massive cast, including several talented senior actors like Nauman Ijaz and Maria Wasti and young and emerging stars like Aina Asif and Samar Abbas Jafri. If you want to know about the actors in Mayi Ri, here is the complete cast of the Mayi Ri drama:

  • Aina Asif as Ainee
  • Samar Abbas Jaffri as Fakhir
  • Nouman Ijaz as Zaheer
  • Maria Wasti as Sameena
  • Maya Khan as Ayesha
  • Sajida Syed
  • Saad Faridi
  • Amna Malik
  • Paras Masroor
  • Usman Mazhar
  • Diya Mughal
  • Rimha Ahmad

Aina Asif as Ainee

Mayi ri drama cast

Aina Asif is a young rising star in Pakistan. She has done multiple projects in a few years, including Pinjra, Hum tum, Pehchaan, and Baby Baji. Mayi Ri drama is her debut project in the lead role. She is acting as Ainee, a young girl who forcefully marries her cousin. She is an ambitious girl who falls victim to the cultural stigma of getting married at a young age and faces difficulty in creating her own identity.

Samar Abbas as Fakhir

Mayi ri drama cast

Samar Abbas began his career in showbiz as a singer. He is only 19 years old and has worked in various commercials. He is playing the role of Fahir opposite Ainsa Asif. Fakhir is married to Ainee at a young age which disturbs his life.

Nouman Ijaz as Zaheer

Mayi ri drama cast

Nauman Ijaz is a talented Pakistani actor who has worked in some of the best Pakistani dramas in history. He is in the role of Zaheer in the Mayi Ri drama and is the father of Fakhir. He is a patriarchal man who supports child marriage because of his will.

Maria Wasti

Pakistani dramas

Maya Khan

Sajida Syed

Senior Pakistani actress

Saad Faridi

ARY Pakistani dramas

Amna Malik

Female supporting actors

Paras Mansoor

Pakistani dramas

Usman Mazhar

Pakistani dramas

Diya Mughal

Mayi ri drama cast

Rimha Ahmed

Rimha Ahmed


Mayi ri drama

The story of Mayi Ri drama revolves around the issue of child marriage. It shows a young couple, Ainee and Fakhir, who are cousins and are forcefully married to each other at the will of their families. Despite the resistance, they are bound to a relationship at a very young age. This drama highlights the significant issues resulting in married children’s lives.

The Story of Mayi Ri

The Drama that has gained the attention of most drama lovers in Pakistan is based on a cultural issue of Child marriage in Pakistan. The Drama resonates deeply, sparks meaningful conversations, and inspires genuine change.

First episode

Mayi Ri is a watch for you if you want to break from the monotonous repeating storyline. So, start watching it here.


How old is Aini in Mayi Ri drama?

Aini in Mayi Ri drama is 14 years old school-going teenager who is married at a young age.

Where can I watch Mayi Ri drama?

You can watch the Mayi Ri drama on ARY Digital television channel every day at 7:00 pm. OR you can also watch it online on ARY Digital’s official Youtube channel.

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