Jolta Electric Bike Official Price Revealed! More Details Also Arrived

JE-70 Is Soon Coming To Showrooms!


In the light of our report from last week, the first E-Bike manufactured under the label of Jolta Electric is all set to make it to the markets. As promised, we are here with the Jolta Electric bike official price tag for the fans in Pakistan. Before we get into the details of the official price, here’s a quick review of the first E-bike in Pakistan.

Jolta Electric JE-70

Jolta Electric bike official price

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan inaugurated Pakistan’s first E-bike last week. As per the shared details, the company behind this project is Jolta Electric. According to the claims, the E-bike lineup will save the average maintenance and fueling cost of a regular bike making it a much more efficient choice.

Moreover, the JE-70 bike can travel up to 80KM in Eco Mode while it can travel up to 60KM in Turbo Mode.

Charging Information

The JE-70 has a 1000W power with a top speed of 60KM/h on a plain road. To charge the bike, the owner will have to do it overnight at the home of 1.5 units. The company claims that the charging cost per month for E-bike will be only PKR 1000. It is important to mention that these are just the claims as offered by the company’s ownership. The actual cost per month and speed/charge ratio will be figured out once the bike arrives in the consumer’s hand.

Jolta Electric Bike Launch

The E-bike lineup was integrated in the last week by the PM himself. It is an evident part of the new Auto Policy plan for electric vehicles in Pakistan. As of now, we can not say when the bike will arrive in the showrooms. However, with the official price and details revealed, we can expect the JE-70 E-bike to land in the showrooms within the coming few weeks.

Jolta Electric Bike Official Price

The official price of Jolta Electric JE-70 is PKR 82,500.


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