Get Ready! The First E-Bike In Pakistan Is Set To Arrive SOON

PM Imran Khan Launches First E-Bike


Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed an increased interest in electric vehicles across the country. While there were many rumors about the government’s plan to entertain electric vehicle companies to operate in the country, the new Auto Policy 2021-2026 has proved the rumors right. However, there is an even bigger surprise for bike consumers in the country. PM Imran Khan has launched the first E-bike in Pakistan today. Let’s look into the details below!

First E-Bike In Pakistan

The PM’s office tweeted yesterday, “Prime Minister Imran Khan, with a focus on the eco-friendly environment, will launch Pakistan’s first locally manufactured electric motorbike (E-Bike) at a ceremony tomorrow.” It looks like the government is steadfast in its plans to regulate the usage of electric vehicles in the country as soon as possible.

First E-Bike In Pakistan

Manufacturer Details

The E-bike is produced by a local company, Jolta Electric. As reported, the company will introduce several bike models for consumers based on electric technology.

E-Bike Models List

The newly launched EV bike will be available for consumers in a variety of options.

  • JE-70
  • JE-70L
  • JE-70 D
  • JE-100 L
  • JE-125L
  • JE-Scootey
  • JE-Sports Bike

These bikes are energy-efficient bikes and users can easily charge them overnight for usage on the next day. The Jolta E-bikes have different power options based on customer’s preferences. If we talk about the speed ranges, we can expect the speeds to be from 10 to 60 KM/h. Moreover, the bikes will have no clutch and gear to drive. This also means that there will be much less maintenance to do as compared to other bikes available in the market.

Will E-bikes be successful in Pakistan?

As of yet, we can not say if E-bikes will be successful in Pakistan. While this may be valid, the PM’s initiative can be a great step forward in bringing the EV culture to bikes in Pakistan. We will have to wait to see how efficient these bikes are according to the weather of the country.

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