Best Places to Visit in Pakistan during Summer Vacations 2023

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best places to visit in Pakistan

Summer Vacations have officially started because the sun could not hold back from draining the energy out of people. However, the vacations are too long to stay at home idly and do nothing. The best idea to spend your summer holidays is by exploring the best places to visit in Pakistan from the northern edge to the coastline. Pakistan has a blessed landscape with a diversity of beauty and weather which is hard to miss out on. So, if you are a Pakistani resident, get to know about the best place to visit in Pakistani during this Summer vacation of 2023.


Best Places to Visit in Pakistan 2023

Visiting spots in Pakistan stretch from the northern mountains to the southern coastlines of Gawadar and inside there are cultural heritages and modern urban metropolitans. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you explore the beauty of Pakistan.

Murree- Hill Station

murree hill station

Murree is the nearest hill station that is accessible to everyone. Moreover, the sky-scrapping, lush green mountains, and the chilly weather will give you relief from the summer in the plains. It is around 1 a half hour’s drive from Islamabad city. The whole station is engulfed in natural beauty where you can capture amazing moments of your life. To enhance the experience of the natural beauty of Murree, there are various activities like hiking, zipline, horseriding, cablecars, etc. The must-visit spot in Muree is its Mall Road which sells a large variety of souvenirs to take back home.

Hunza Valley

Best places to visit in Pakistan

A large number of people have explored Hunza Valley as the best tourist spot in Pakistan. It is filled with magnificent and eye-catching sights of natural beauty. This Valley in Gilgit Baltistan makes you feel relaxed and glorify nature without the worries of the world. You can mesmerise yourself with the sight of Passu Cones, Baltit Fort, Attabad Lake and more. To enjoy even more, book yourself a hut in Hunza to enthral yourself with the beauty of Hunza Valley on starry nights.


Best places to visit in Pakistan

Whoever has not seen Lahore city is having a major missing in life. Becasue the city may not have a natural beauty but the cultural heritage and historical sites are a treat to those who love exploring. Lahore is a city that never dies and has a lot to explore that you can pass all your vacations visiting different spots. There are some of the best restaurants in Lahore to dine in with friends and family. Moreover, the historical sites like Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, Delhi Gate, Shalimar Gardens, Minar-e-Pakistan and much more.

Not only Lahore is a historical city but it is also one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. There are a lot of fun spots like Fortress Stadium, Zoo, Gardens, Shopping malls, water parks, and a lot more



Karachi is the City of Lights because it comes to life when the lights light up and the sea breezes rush past every entity in the city. During summer, Karachi’s beach is a favourite spot for all to escape the heat of the land. Just step into the sea and let your body cool. Indulge yourself in the water sports like swimming, boating, jet-skiing and a lot more. Along with relaxing at the beach, you can also enjoy a delicious culinary experience, shop at the full-of-life markets, and visit spots like Mohatta Palace and Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum.


Best places to visit in Pakistan

From the north to the south, there is no place that does not attract tourists. Karachi is not the only place which is famous for the sea. But, Gawadar has no competition when it comes to the beauty of the coastline and tranquillity. Gwadar is located in the Balochistan region which offers various activities like scuba diving, sailing, boating, and deep-sea fishing. You can also embrace the tranquillity of the sea waves while surrounded by the sea breezes on the sandy beaches of the Gwadar coastline. Kund Malir is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan at Gwadar which gives you vibes of different landscapes in one like sea, desert and mountains.

These are only a few options that you can explore. To be honest, every city is a masterpiece of its own. Whether it is beauty, food, cultural heritage, modernity, or hospitality of people, no place in Pakistan will disappoint visitors. So, do not let these summer vacations go in vain and plan your visit to the best places in Pakistan to visit in these holidays. It will allow you to know more about your homeland while having quality time with your friend or family.

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