5 Best Beaches in Pakistan You Should REALLY Explore

Pakistan5 Best Beaches in Pakistan You Should REALLY Explore

Want to explore some of the best beaches in Pakistan? We have got you covered.

Pakistan’s geographical position makes it a region full of possibilities. Where on one hand you can find sky-high mountains, the other edge of the country touches the sea. Beaches are among the most popular tourist attractions across the globe. While this may be true, Pakistan is blessed with more than 17 beaches of its own. Every year, hundreds of local and international tourists visit the beaches mostly located in Sindh. If you have traveled the North and now want to explore the seaside, this article can help you. Here, we have gathered all the details about the 5 best beaches in Pakistan you should definitely explore.

5 Best Beaches in Pakistan


Gwadar Beach 5 best beaches in Pakistan

Gwadar is the future business hub of Pakistan. The city of Gwadar is not only the core of CPEC but also a brilliant place to explore beaches. What makes Gwadar special is the mesmerizing views of the city landscape. If you are planning to visit some of the best beaches, don’t forget to include Gwadar on the list.

Hawke’s Bay

5 best beaches in Pakistan

This beach is widely popular as one of the best beaches in Pakistan. Hawke’s Bay is located in Karachi (Sindh). If you are looking for serenity, this is the beach you go to. Hawke’s Bay is also known as Green Sea Turtles owing to the presence of numerous sea turtles on the beach. Unlike Clifton beach, Hawke’s Bay is a totally clean and peaceful beach to explore.


5 best beaches in Pakistan

Astola Beach became immensely popular in the last few years among tourists. This beach is located on Astola Island, Baluchistan. Astola Island is also known as the Island of the Seven Hills. What makes this beach special is the breathtaking sights of the hills as well as the serene beach. Astola Beach is not commercially explored as of yet. However, we can expect a lot of tourism at the place in the near future.

French Beach

5 best beaches in Pakistan

If you are looking for some seawater adventures, French Beach is just the place for you. This beach is located between Hawke’s Bay and Paradise Point in the city of Karachi. French Beach has a lot of exciting activities including scuba diving, swimming, surfing, and motorboat cruising. Moreover, you can also rent cabins on the beach to spend time with your family or friends.

Paradise Point

5 best beaches in Pakistan

Paradise Point is an amusement beach for families. Located in Karachi on the Arabian Sea, this beach point attracts a lot of tourists from across the country. At Paradise Point, you can enjoy a variety of fun activities including horse riding, camel riding, restaurants, swimming, and amusement parks for families. If you want to go to a beach where you can spend quality time with your family and explore all things in one place, Paradise Point is a great spot.

These 5 best beaches in Pakistan are greatly popular among the local as well as international tourists. Although Balochistan’s beaches are yet to be commercially opened, there is a lot of potential in many beach spots of the province to attract international tourism.

Have you explored any of these beaches? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section to help out others.

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