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Kund Malir camping

Done exploring the northern areas of Pakistan? Kund Malir is one of the many freshwater beaches located on the Makran Coastal Highway or N10. It’s serenity makes it one of the best camping sites in the country. Being the closest and undiscovered beach to Karachi, Kund Malir is a hotspot for picnickers who are in long drive mode. Here you need to go from Karachi to Kund Malir and learn about the activities there. Nearby, the shores of Kund Malir, with its sparkling waters, invites visitors to picnic during the day or camp on their peaceful shores at night. Add campfire bonfires as the Milky Way rises and this makes for a great weekend getaway! So, let’s dive into your expected experiences of Kund Malir camping.

The Beauty of Kund Malir


Kund Malir camping

The captivating charm of this place is very peaceful and delightful. The N10 is a straight road with very few turns to take you astray, but once you enter Hangul National Park, you will likely lose all cellular and internet signals. Because the park is a natural conservation area where cellular towers cannot be erected without worsening their ruggedness, charming and stunning panoramic views. 

The crystal clear water on the shores of Kund Malir is attractive, and you might want to dive into it, but remember that unless you have booked a room at a nearby resort or are ready to go to a roadside restaurant No, there are no cottages, rents, or changing rooms available on the beach. However, the water is clear, cool, and inviting. 

There was a time when Kund Malir was nothing but an empty part of the beach, its recent popularity has resulted in both private and public resorts where you can easily spend the night. 

Best Time for Kund Malir Camping

Kund Malir camping

Karachi people usually go to the beaches in the summer season, but with the high tide season from June to August. It is best to visit Kund Malir in the low tide season between October and February. The beach is very safe at that time of the year. Another great reason to visit Baluchistan during this time is that you will feel much happier or milder cold in the winter months than in the summer heatwave. It will make your drive pleasant but bundle up! The nights in Hangul National Park can be very cold during the peak winter season. 

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