Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan with Price

Bikes in PakistanBest Electric Bikes in Pakistan with Price

A majority of Pakistanis rely on fuel-powered motorbikes for daily commuting to their workplaces. However, fuel prices are soaring so high that affordability is getting out of people’s hands. during these hard times, people are finding it difficult o make ends meet as more than half of their income is going into fuel. So, this is the time to switch to eco-friendly and affordable transportation options. The soaring fuel prices have paved the way for electric bikes in the Pakistani market. So, get to know about the best electric bikes in Pakistan with prices and specs.

Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan 2023

Amongst all other alternatives to fuel-powered motorbikes, electric bikes in Pakistan are the best option. Becasue, neither we don’t have a full-fledged public transport network to facilitate people in every corner of the country. Nor we can use bicycles for long travels amidst the scorching heat of the day. Therefore, replace your motorbikes with these best electric bikes in Pakistan to save a lot more.

  • Jolta JE 70Li
  • MS Jaguar E-70
  • VLektra-Bolt

Jolta JE 70Li

best electric bikes in Pakistan


Jolta Electric is an electric bike option in Pakistan for the lower and middle class. It is not wrong to as that this is the cheapest e-bike in Pakistan. Jolta JE 70Li price in Pakistan was Rs 1,68,000. However, the inflation rate has raised it to PKR 1,99,000. Some specifications of Jolta JE 70Li are:

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery
  • 65 km/H.
  • mileage of 80-90 Kilometers
  • Full charging within 2.5 hours
  • 1000w Motor

MS Jaguar E-70

best electric bikes in Pakistan


MS Jaguar E-70 is one of the most affordable electric bike options in Pakistan. It is available in a 70cc option as a replacement Honda Cd 70 and other 70cc bikes fuel-powered bikes in Pakistan. The price of this e-bike in Pakistan was Rs. 88,000. However, with increasing demand, MS Jaguar E-70’s price in Pakistan is PKR 234,900. Here are some specifications of this bike:

  • A single charge covers 90-100 kilometres.
  • Lithium Iron-phosphate battery
  • 1500W BLdC Motor
  • Fast charging requires 1 hour
  • Normal charging takes 2 hours
  • The top speed is 70 km/l
  • Three years warranty
  • 10 years battery life.


best electric bikes in Pakistan


VLektra is a beast in the best electric bikes in Pakistan. It is for bike lovers who wish to ride stylish sports bikes that are wallet-friendly. It has two riding modes: Eco and Sports that work at different speeds. VLektra Bolt comes switched to a regular charger for easy charging everywhere. It is a little pricey but bike lovers will surely love it and with fuel cost savings, the bike will repay its price. VLektra Bolt’s price in Pakistan is PKR 569,000. Specifications of VLektra Bolt are:

  • 2000w motor
  • Goes from 0-60km within 4 seconds.
  • Top speed 70km/h
  • Single charge range: 80-100km
  • Economy, Sports, and Reverse Mode
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • 4-5 hours of charging time

These are the top three best electric bikes in Pakistan that are your one-time investment for cost-effective transportation or a lifetime. So, save yourself some worries and get advanced by stopping using fuel-powered bikes. It will not only be wallet-friendly for you but will also be a better change in the environment.

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