Why Is It Important to Donate Blood?


Blood donation is a very important aspect of healthcare. It is a great act of kindness from other humans and is the reason that doctors are able to save millions of lives in hospitals every day. Not everyone can donate blood since a certain standard of health are required from the donor. Young age is one of the most important standards of blood donation.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan only 10 percent of blood donations come from voluntary donations even though 70 percent of the population is under 29 years. These statistics show that the public in Pakistan is still unaware of the importance of blood donation and thus are still hesitant. In this article, we are listing down some reasons for why you should donate blood.

  1. It’s a circle

The best part about donating blood is that it is a matter of give and take. The blood you donate today will come back to you someday directly or indirectly in the future. By donating blood, you will be directly contributing towards saving somebody’s life which means you will be setting a trend of blood donation in the country. Thus, in the future if you or a loved one requires blood, you will also have no problem in finding a donor. So, blood donation is literally a circular deed and thus an investment for your future self.

  1. You have a special power

Blood donation also comes with a sense of ownership which is empowering. Not everyone is eligible for donating blood. There is an age restriction and the person donating blood also has to be in perfect health. Many people who have had serious illnesses during the course of their lives cannot donate blood their entire lives. You can thus think of donating blood as a privilege-the power to save lives. You should thus take advantage of this privilege and keep donating blood for as long as you can do so.

  1. It is not painful

The most important part which needs to be highlighted is that it is not an act which is painful or physically harmful in any way. The process of donating blood only involves insertion of a very delicate needle in the vein which stays there for not more than twenty minutes for a pint of blood. There are also no special after effects, a glass of juice and you will be as good as new. Blood donation is probably the most noble act which does not demand any sacrifice or pain and as humans it is our duty to indulge in this noble act as much as possible.


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