Why Do Readers Love Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels?

Urdu novels are very intriguing that persuade the readers to read some of the best stories. Books and novels can take the readers to some other world. People live in the world of novels and sty detached from reality. Women of Pakistan are very much into Urdu novels for entertainment. Forced marriage Urdu romantic novels are a successful genre in Pakistan.


People love this genre so writers focus on producing more stories on this topic. The topic of forced marriage is also common in our society. Most marriages are arranged with the consent of the family. That is why the females love reading how life becomes after forced marriages to stay prepared for what will come ahead of them. 

Forced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novels

Forced marriage Urdu novels are usually based on rude heroes. They dominate the novels. The women read them in order to find out the ways couple make their way to compatibility. They get to know how they can manage with the early days of marriage to make it last forever. Read the article till the end to find some of the forced marriage Urdu romantic novels.

Ziddi Junoon

forced marriage urdu romantic novels

Ziddi Junoon is one of the forced marriage Urdu romantic novels. It involves a rude hero who marries by force. It revolves around themes of lust for power, sacrifices, broken families, insecurities, and unbalanced relationships. This novel is written by Neena khan, a fabulous writer of Pakistan. 

Momin ki Haya

forced marriage urdu romantic novels

Sehar Ali wrote Momin Ki Haya very beautifully. It is a story based on love. As the name suggests, it is based on true pure love. This novel also shows the reality of society and the difference between good and evil. It shows how we meet different kinds of people and how they affect our lives.

Junoon se Ishq ki Raah

forced marriage urdu romantic novels

Junoon Se Ishq ki Raah is a romantic novel by Aimen Khan. readers love to read her novel because of romanticism and the way she portrays life. This specific novel is about the transition from passion to true love. Women love such stories so she is well-liked by her audience. 

Ishq ka Rang Neela

forced marriage urdu romantic novels

Ishq ka rang Neela is a novel written by Zarwish Khan. It is a romantic novel that intends to keep us on the right path. She has tried to show the reality of life-related forced marriages. His writings are a great inspiration for the young generation.

Ansoo ki Duaa 

forced marriage urdu romantic novels

Ansoo ki Duaa is a noel written by Samreen Ahsan. She shows the tendency of life to go up and down. It shows how we meet good and bad people in our life. The main focus is on the life of a lover who falls in love. It shows how a person who falls in love can survive in life. 

Apart from this, several other novels are being written by our emerging writers. Because fans love to read them. You can download the novels in PDF form here.

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