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Are you a novel reader? Do Urdu novels interest you? If yes, this read will unfold some interesting surprises to you and anyone looking for quality novel content. Urdu novels always have a special place, especially among Pakistani readers. Some novels cover romantic plots to interest the readers, while others revolve around tragedy, humour, and horror stories. If you are passionate about reading some of the best-selling Urdu novels, Jannat Kay Pattay or Namal or Kitab Nagri are probably the ones you might have heard of. Nimra Ahmed is the iconic writer who penned these great masterpieces of Urdu Literature. Novel readers like to read her novels for many reasons and her pieces of writings are mostly popular among girls. They contain the purest forms of love, spirituality, and Quranic references. This article will highlight some of the important details about Nimra Ahmed novels list, and her author presence.

Early life

Nimra Ahmed was born on 9th September. She is a brilliant writer, screenplay writer and a successful Urdu novelist in Pakistan. The writer has gained popularity worldwide because of her writings. She started writing at an early age with a monthly women’s magazine when she was 16 years old. It was indeed a great achievement for Nimra to publish her first novel at this age. She continued her studies along with pursuing her career as a novelist. 

Writing Career

Although Nimra Ahmed is a successful Urdu writer, she has a Master’s degree in English Literature. She completed her Masters at the age of 22 and started writing as a full-time writer. With complete motivation and utter dedication, Nimra successfully established her name in the field. She is one of the most known writers of contemporary Urdu literature. 

If we talk about Nimra’s famous novels, her first one is Meray Khwaab Meray Jugnoo. After the success of her first novel, she wrote Sans Saakin Thi which is about the life of a cricketer. It was followed by Pahari Kay Qaidi, and then, she wrote a love story between two mountaineers from Pakistan and Turkey in Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal. There is a total of 11 bestseller novels by her including Jannat Kay Pattay, Mushaf, Namal, and Haalim. Nimra Ahmed has also received a lot of awards for her writings. 

Nimra Ahmed Novels List

Nimra Ahmed Novels List

What makes her an accomplished writer at a young age is her ability to write for multiple genres. Her novels are in a hard-cover form and also published in the digests. She writes about spiritual, moral, and religious values. The novels are a mixture of love, romance, spirituality, adventure, science fiction, politics, broken relationships, and taboos. 

Nimra Ahmed Novels List

  1. Haalim Complete Novel By Nimra Ahmed
  2. Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed
  3. Namal By Nimra Ahmed Complete  Novel
  4. Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed
  5. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal by Nimra Ahmad
  6. Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed
  7. Guman By Nimra Ahmad
  8. Had By Nimra Ahmed
  9. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika by Nimra Ahmad
  10. Apni Ungli By Nimra Ahmad
  11. Paras By Nimra Ahmad
  12. Iblees Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmad
  13. Mehr Un Nissa By Nimra Ahmad
  14. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo By Nimra Ahmad
  15. Wo Mera he by Nimra Ahmad
  16. Pahari Ka Qaidi By Nimra Ahmad


Nimra Ahmed not only writes well, but also values the women empowerment. To help her readers out, she launched her own bookstore, Zanjabeel, in March 2016. It is an online bookstore that is opening ways of employment for women. This initiative is especially for women so they can contribute and get home-based employment. It is an online store that sells books to enable readers find what they need to read at an online platform. You can purchase her novels from the market, order online from Zanjabeel, purchase monthly digests, download pdf, or read them online. 

Writing Urdu novels requires sheer dedication and interest. Novelists like Nimra Ahmed are greatly contributing to keep the spirit of reading novels alive in the youth of today. While most of the readers have found easy and modern ways of fulfilling their will to read, the idea of buying a hard copy novel from a store and sitting down to read it with a cup of tea never gets old. You can explore more Nimra Ahmed novels or check out their reviews before getting them to make an informed choice.

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This article is updated on 29/04/2023

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