Who killed three Sikhs in East London in a knife bloodbath?

LONDON: The United Kingdom’s Capital – London – has once again been plunged into shock after three Sikh men were stabbed to death outside the Seven Kings Railway Station in Ilford on Sunday night, reflecting the grave situation in one of the World’s highly developed Cities.

London is not safe anymore

All three victims belonged to the Sikh Community and were in their 20s or 30s.

So far two suspects – also in the same age group as the victims were in – have been apprehended by the police for their involvement in the heinous crime.

As per the Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman, both the victims and their murders were from the same community and knew each other.

“There are two people in custody. We believe the parties are known to each other, the parties were in the Sikh community,” Stephen Clayman told reporters as per the UK media.

Is London on the verge of Racism again?

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has assured full support to the grieved community whose three members were subjected to brutally stabbing.

Sadiq Khan also raised serious concerns over the increasing number of knife crimes in the entire UK, and underlined the significance of addressing their “root causes”.

Though it’s yet to be fully ascertained as who killed three Sikhs in East London and for what motives but it’s not a less worrisome fact at all as just last year – 2019 – ended up as one of the bloodiest years in London’s history, in which 90 people succumbed to stabbing injuries while in the ongoing year, six persons have already been killed in the UK’s Capital only.

Even if seen in larger perspectives in terms of crimes, London stands at 107 places in the ranking of the World’s most vulnerable cities according to the World Crime Index (WCI) released recently by Numbeo.

It’s worth noting that the Capital of recently terror-stricken Pakistan – Islamabad – remains a much safer place as compared to London, as it has been placed at 301st number among 374 Cities in WCI ranking.

In the Ranking, Venezuela’s Capital Caracas has been declared as the most vulnerable Capital City while Abu Dhabi as the safest.