WhatsApp Hide Online Status Can Arrive Soon

WhatsApp hide online status


WhatsApp has turned into the most used messaging app all over the world. The convenience and speed are all that the users need to transmit messages from one end of the world to the other in a fraction of a second. To make their service better, WhatsApp has got a lot of changes like audio, video calls, stickers, WhatsApp message reactions, 24 hours story, etc. However, it is coming up with something new to make the experience more satisfactory for the users. So, we might expect Whatsapp hide online status feature soon in our apps.

WhatsApp Hide Online Status

Many people had been requesting for WhatsApp hide online status for keeping their privacy. The company finally took some action on this demand. The feature is currently under development and not yet available in the Beta app even. The reason is that the developers are designing and developing this feature without any bugs or errors. After development, the company will test it on WhatsApp beta followed by a complete launch on WhatsApp.

Now, you can move to stealth mode while using your WhatsApp. It will help to keep you safe from all the bothering people around you who wait for you to come online so they could get you.

WhatsApp hide online status

Like other privacy features, you can also customize who could see your online status. You could customize the trusted people list. You can select contacts you want to show your online status to and hide it from others. WhatsApp BetaInfo has reported the news that the company is developing this feature. “WhatsApp is finally listening to user feedback by developing a feature that lets us choose who can see when we are online on WhatsApp!” read WABetainfo.

When Will We Use It?

Users are happy about this upcoming feature because they had been waiting for it for too long and eventually, the company heard their wishes. Some are saying that WhatsApp took too long to bring this feature. We got to wait for the official announcement to use this feature on WhatsApp on Android, IOS, and desktops.

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