Warid employees donate blood for Thalassemia patients

Warid employees donate blood for Thalassemia patients

LAHORE, Pakistan: As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Warid Telecom organised a blood donation drive at its Lahore offices.

The employees of Warid Telecom generously participated in this and accumulated large quantity of blood for patients suffering from Thalassemia.

Warid has partnered with the Sundas Foundation in the past over shared concerns about blood donation. This year they have, yet again, had an extremely well-attended event, for a great cause.

“We feel honoured to be collaborating with Warid Telecom over this blood drive once more. Warid employees have been supporting Thalassemia patients in the past as well.  Thalassemia is a very serious problem, but it is completely treatable, and we hope to increase awareness and trigger increased blood donations across our nation by informing public about this health issue. On behalf of Sundas Foundation, I am thankful to Warid Telecom for their generous support for such a significant cause. Blood donation is something which can give someone a chance to live. I request other corporate organizations to come forward and together support the cause,” the renowned writer and convener of the Sundas Foundation, Munnu Bhai, said while commenting on the occasion.

Thalassemia is a disorder of the blood where defective haemoglobin damages red blood cells and leads to anaemia. This genetic disease effects around  six percent of the population in Pakistan, according to the Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan, but can be treated by regular blood transfusions.