Vivo Warranty Instructions That You Need To Know

TechnologyVivo Warranty Instructions That You Need To Know

Vivo warranty instructions

Vivo is a growing smartphone company in Pakistan that is capturing the mass market. Being affordable and efficient, Vivo phones are quite popular among the masses. To enhance their service, Vivo has an online warranty check portal that allows buyers to check for all the details regarding their phones. If you want to know about all Vivo Warranty instructions, you are at the right spot. We will keep you covered with all the warranty checks, repairs, replacements and more.


Vivo Warranty Instructions

Vivo warranty instructions

Vivo provides a one-year warranty for the buyers from the date of purchase. Here are all the details you need to know for replacement and repair during your warranty period.

  • You can get warranty services only on Vivo handsets sold in Pakistan.
  • One year replacement or repair policy is applicable if there is any functional error within 15 days of purchase.
  • You get a six months warranty on a removable battery, Charger, SD card, data cable, and earphones.
  • You must provide proof of purchase when applying for warranty replacement or repair services.
  • Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card are not a part of warranty replacement and repair service.

Instructions You Need To Know

Vivo warranty instructions

Warranty services are applicable under the following circumstances:

  • You get warranty repair if the products are used normally.
  • If the product is damaged due to product quality.
  • For getting repair of physical damage or unauthorised products,  a repair agreement “special instruction for product repairing” must be signed between the customer and service centre
  • You can get repair services from any Vivo-authorized service centre in Pakistan if you have a warranty card.
  • The company keeps all the replaced components and accessories while repairing during the warranty period.

When Are The Warranty Services Not Applicable?

Warranty services are not applicable if,

  • The warranty card has expired.
  • No proof of purchase is shown.
  • The details on the proof of purchase do not match the details on the label of the product.
  • The customer has repaired the product from an unauthorised service centre.
  • Damage occurred because of natural disasters like earthquakes, fire, floods, etc.
  • If the product does not have any manufacturing or functional faults.
  • warranty services are not available for faults that occurred due to using non-original accessories like chargers.
  • You cannot get a repair if the damage is because of moisture adding to the phone.
Benefits of Vivo Online Warranty Check Portal

As everything is digital, this initiative by Vivo of introducing the Vivo Online Warranty Check 2022 is going to give benefits to the customers as well as the company too.

Customers can easily go to the website to check for all the details about their phone including IMEI number, colour, repairing details, warranty details, memory, and everything else. The companies can also take advantage of getting to know about the feedback from the customers so they can improve on that aspect of the phones. Customers can also check the warranty period of their mobile phones online.

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