Vivo Online Warranty Check 2022 | Step-By-Step Guide

Vivo mobiles are one of the most popular mobiles in the local market right now. The company has introduced competitive smartphones for every consumer segment. With the rising competition in the mobile market, brands have come forward with smart tactics to win their customers over. We may have the most valuable information for you if you have just bought a Vivo smartphone or plan to buy it soon. Vivo provides its customers with an easy-to-access warranty check portal. Let’s find out all the details about the Vivo online warranty check portal.

Vivo Warranty Check Portal


The online portal for checking your Vivo smartphone’s warranty can provide you with plenty of useful information. You can find your product model, colour, manufacturing, and other important details.

With the increasing number of fraud cases, you may not want to be fooled by a mobile seller. It is vital to crosscheck the device information at the time of purchase. You can simply enter the device information on the Vivo warranty check portal for validation.

You can use the E-warranty card to claim your phone’s warranty through the online platform. Please note that the official warranty validity period is one year.

How to Check Vivo Warranty Online

If you want to know the step-by-step instructions to check your Vivo warranty online, you can follow the listed steps below.

  • Locate your device’s IMEI number
  • Log on to the website and enter your IMEI number
  • Choose Warranty Check from the Under Free Checks option
  • Check your Vivo device’s warranty by clicking on the Check Vivo Warranty & Color button
  • You can then read the smartphone’s warranty information
  • You may also check the Blacklist Status Pro to verify if your device has been reported lost or stolen

Vivo Online Warranty Check


Vivo has enabled its customers to cut the clutter and check their smartphone warranty online. With the help of the online warranty check portal, you can also track the validity period of your device’s warranty. For this, you can use the Vivo mobile app and follow Support>Activate E-warranty card.

The online warranty check portal is valid for all the Vivo devices available in the market.

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