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The FoodPanda delivery guy went viral on social media only two days ago after going through an emotional encounter in the robbery attempt. What happened was that this young delivery guy was at the spot of his order delivery when two robbers tried to take his mobile phone and other valuables. Considering the precarious situation throughout Pakistan and the financial instability, he started crying and the robbers consoled him, hugged him, all the while returning his valuables.

Now he has come forward with an interesting statement about how FoodPanda reacted about the entire situation:

FoodPanda Delivery Boy Shares His Story

While sharing his complete story, the delivery boy clarifies how he was there to deliver an order, but the recipients did not have the changed cash. They asked him to buy some stuff from the cash they had given him to get the change back. He obliged because the store he had to shop from was just by the corner. By that time, he had received another order from Mehfooz Sheermal House, just a few minutes away. When he asked the address from the house owners, they asked if he could buy a few rotis for them as well.

The Robbery Attempt

If there is one thing we know about Pakistan and its people, it is that we are here for each other no matter what. This compassion is empathy is lost to no one, and that’s what makes Pakistan so special for everyone. In a recent video of the robbers and the FoodPanda delivery guy, the act of strange love and compassion has gone to some other level. The robbers who tried to mug a FoodPanda delivery guy consoled him within the seconds of the attempt. So, what happened exactly? Robbers Stealing From The FoodPanda Delivery Guy A CCTV video footage has been making rounds on social media recently, and for all the right reasons. What happened was that a FoodPanda delivery guy was on his way to deliver an order when two robbers on a bike tried to mug him. They took his valuables and the order he was supposed to deliver. However, as unfortunate as it is, the delivery guy started to cry. We know what the reason could be. The situation around the country has left everyone fending for themselves. The situation of most of the families is that they are only surviving from hand to mouth. Hence, when being deprived of the only valuables he had, the delivery boy could not control himself. What Happened After That? In a surprising turn of events, when the FoodPanda delivery guy started crying, the robbers could not stand the sight. They not only returned him his belongings and everything they took from him but also wiped his tears and hugged him. If you can’t believe, see for yourself here: WATCH: CCTV FOOTAGE OF ROBBERS IN #KARACHI CONSOLING #FOOD DELIVERY MAN AND RETURNING HIS VALUABLES AFTER HE BREAKS DOWN INTO TEARS GOES #VIRAL. FOR MORE: HTTPS://T.CO/SJYRWUXJOC PIC.TWITTER.COM/GSGMURCNAW — THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE (@ETRIBUNE) JUNE 16, 2020 Pakistani Citizens Appreciate The Robbers There is no denying that the video has left everyone in tears. We all need a little love, especially considering what’s going around the world. We all need a little kindness in love. More than that, this video is proof that people do not rob out of the fun. They rob out of sheer desperation when they have no other resort and no place to go to. This proves that we have failed as a nation when it comes to supporting each other. This act of empathy from the robbers might just be what all we needed to see, as a nation, at this point and time. Let’s come out and support each other during the hardships so that nobody has to rob or cry in vulnerability.

When he came back from picking up his second order and brought rotis for the resident, this is when the entire situation happened. The owners had a CCTV camera installed and they were watching everything that happened. Once the robbers left the premises, the delivery boy had a hunch that they had watched the CCTV camera and might try to rob him again on the other street. Owing to this, the owners told him to come and wait inside, so he can talk to the FoodPanda team alongside being safe for a while.

FoodPanda Customer Service Response

When the delivery guy got in touch with the team, their response was staggering. He asked them if they could cancel this one order, because of the situation but they refused. They asked him to deliver the order notwithstanding the situation as it had been accepted. Even after persistent appeal, they denied it.

This talks a lot about how much the company cares for its delivery guys. The rider also went onto say that he is a student and considering the situation & FoodPanda’s constant promises of a better job, he decided to work for the company. But, after witnessing the situation and what he had to incur, he might never go back to work for such an insensitive team.

This raises a lot of questions on FoodPanda and how much do they care about their team. We will wait to hear from the company for clarification on this issue.

The full video of the detailed account can be watched here:

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