Ukraine crises: Protesters take full control of Kiev. Session of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) starts

Eastern EuropeUkraine crises: Protesters take full control of Kiev. Session of Verkhovna Rada...

Ukraine crises: Protesters take full control of Kiev

KIEV: Thousands were still protesting in the Ukrainian capital Kiev’s Independence Square on Saturday despite a peace agreement aimed at ending the country’s three-month political crisis. Meanwhile the sitting of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament)  of Ukraine started. 245 lawmakers registered in the session hall and and nobody knows where is President Yanukovych. Opposition is proposing Poroshenko for the post of Speaker.

The anti-government protesters reportedly took full control of the capital as they took over the parliament, the president’s administration quarters, the cabinet, and the interior ministry.

On Friday evening, a presidential impeachment bill was introduced in Ukrainian parliament. The impeachment bill was authored by Nikolay Rudkovskiy, head of the Socialist Party in Ukraine, which is part of the ruling Party of Regions coalition.

On the other hand, President Viktor Yanukovich soon after the bill’s introduction left for Kharkov to attend a summit of south-eastern regions.

The impeachment bill followed a Western-brokered peace deal between the president and the opposition to end the political crisis in the country.

Under the deal, Yanukovich announced early presidential elections and the return to the constitution of 2004, which limits presidential powers and widens the parliament’s authority. The president also said a national unity government will be created.

Slogans raised by protesters in Kiev are as follow:

What is the Right Sector fighting for? We, the warriors and commanders of the Right Sector are actively fighting the regime, remembering the heroism of King Svyatoslav the Courageous of Kyiv, King Danylo of Galicia, of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the warriors of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army; implementing the right of a people to rise against injustice; and aware of our responsibilities before the dead and injured heroes of the Maidan. We are fighting For the right of every Ukrainian to human dignity… For a fair criminal trial of Berkut and other dogs of the occupational system… Against the humiliation and impoverishment of the Ukrainian people… Against the war of the government with its own people… For responsible voters and politicians… For the election of judges… Against corrupt and marginal democracy…

One journalist who is covering the event is uncertain about the future the country. When asked by Dispatch News Desk to comments, he said:

It is not yet clear where Euromaidan is headed.  Fears of Civil War are growing as violence spreads across Kiev and other major cities of Ukraine. For the past few days there have been reports of compromises reached, while on the ground, violence rages on – indicating that the so called ‘leaders’ on all sides of the situation have less influence over events than one might think. What is certain is that life for the average Ukrainian today is precarious, uncertain and scary. Brave and committed progressives, cynical and violent fascists, an increasingly belligerent and uncompromising leader, and a world community full of vested interests in fanning the flames towards the powder keg. We watch and wait.


Ethno Linguistic divisions of Ukraine
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