Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines 2023 and black points List

UAEAbu Dhabi Traffic Fines 2023 and black points List


Throughout the World, including in United Arab Emirates (UAE), authorities devise traffic rules to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and ward off any untoward incident, i.e. These road accidents may result in human casualties. Here is how you can check Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines, and in this article, we will inform you of the list of fines according to offences.

The Abu Dhabi Police have also promulgated various traffic laws and attempted to urge motorists to abide by them. Yettraffic-relatedoffenceses – like elsewhere in the World – are observed as a routine matter in the UAE’s Capital City.Traffic Fines Abu Dhabi: Complete List 2023

Some of the most practised traffic offences include overspeeding, exceeding the maximum speed limit, overtaking, wrong parking, not wearing a seatbelt, trespassing the red signal, not abiding by traffic directions & signs, and driving without having a valid license etc.

Therefore, to prevent the violation of traffic rules, the Abu Dhabi Police have imposed fines or penalties for motorists who turn a blind eye to them.

The following is the complete list of types of traffic violations, imposed fines and black points:Traffic Fines Abu Dhabi: Complete List 2023

Complete List of Traffic Fiin nes Abu Dhabi

Type of Traffic Violation
Fine Incurred in UAE Dirham (AED)
Black Points Received
Driver without a valid driving license5000
Racing on the road, rash driving, or dangerous driving200012
Driver under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other banned substanceSubtract to the court verdict24
Vehicle on the road without a number plate100024
Fleeing after committing an accident that resulted in bodily injurySubtract to the court verdict24
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by a margin of 60 Km/hr or more100012
Driving in a way causing risk the civilianpassersbyserby1000Trespassing
sing the red signal8008
Not stopping if stopped by the traffic policeman80012
Risky overtaking by trucks and other large vehicles80024
Causing a car to overturnSubjeto ot court verdict8
Causing severe bodily injuriesSubtract to the court verdict8
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by a margin of not more than 60 Km/hr9006
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by a margin of not more than 50 Km/hr800
Overtaking dangerously on a hard shoulder6006
Entering the road in a risky/rash manner6006
Causing moderate bodily injuriesSubjtot ot court verdictViolating
ng heavy vehicle lane discipline6006
Overtaking from a prohibited place6006
Causing severe damage to a vehicleSubtract to the court verdict6
Surpassing the maximum speed limit by 40km/hr or less700
Parking in front of the fire hydrant, Spaces allocated for people with special needs and ambulance parking10004
Surpassing the maximum speed limit by 30km/hr or less600
Driving against traffic4004
If children under ten years  old are sitting in the vehicle’s front seat4004
Not fastening the seat belt while driving the car on the road4004
Not keeping the safe distance4004
Not following the policeman’s direction on the road4004
Surpassing the maximum speed limit by 20km/hr or less500
Entering a road without ensuring that it is clear4004
Exceeding the permitted level els tinting on the car window500
Not provia ding patan h to emergvehicleshicle, police and public service or official convoy5004
Not leaving a safe space between the vehicles4004
Driving a heavy vehicle not complying with road safety and security conditions500
Not stopping after causing an accident5006
Driving a vehicle with heavy noise500
Allowing an unlicensed driver to500
Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that may be risky to others on the road5006
Overload or oversize loathe d on the heavy vehicle without prior permission5006
Driving a car that causes pollution500
Stopping on the busy road without any reason5004
Stopping your vehicle on the yellow box500a
On pedestrian crossing, not giving way for the pedestrian to cross the road5006
Not abiding by trafdirectionstion and signs500
Throwing waste on the road from your vehicle5004
Refusing to provide name and address to the traffic police when asked for500
Stopa ping vehicle in a prohibited place on the left side of the road500
Stopping your atra  on a pedestrian crossing500
Coaching to drive in a vehicle without beara ing learning sign500
Giving driving lessons in a non-training vehicle with obtaining ing permit from the authority500
Leaving marks on the road that may block the traffic or cause damage500
Drivinoperatingtiong constructional, industrial, mechanical vehicles and tractors with hout proper permission from the licensing authority500
Modify ing vehicle’s engine without prior permission from authorityorty400
Modifying vehicle’s structure, including ch, asses without prior permission from the authority400
Modifying the colour of your vehicle without prior permission from the authority400
Surpassing the maximum speed limit by 10km/hr or less400
Driver found with a driving license issued by a foreign country except for permitted countries400
Not following the terms and conditions of driving license300
Obstructing other vehicles by parking inappropriately and blocking their movement300
Towing a boat or other vehicle with an unprepared vehicle300
Driving a vehicle that produces effluents (gasses or fumes) exceeding the permitted levels300
Leaving your vehicle with its engine running on the road300
Improper or scarce lighting on the back or sides of the trailer200
The lights of a container tare ruck not work in the g on the back and sides200
Taxis stopping at undesignated places2004
Vehicle entering in prohibited entry20Vehicles
icle blocking the road traffic200
Driving a faulty vehicle that is unfit for driving on Abu Dhabi roads200
Driving a light vehicle withcomplyingmply with security and safety conditions200
Not lift the trucks’ exhaustsusts200
Driving a truck with covering over the load3000
Using your vehicle for undesignated purposes2004
Driving a heavy car through h prohibited entry2004
Not following loading or unloading rules the  in the parking2004
Illegal transportation of passenger2004
Sticking bills or phrases on the car with hout permit200Violating
ng the road safety measures during a breakdown of the vehicle200
Turning your vehicle at an undesignated spot2004
Depending on your car on the wrong way2004
Loading a light vehicle that poses a risk to other cars or the road2003
Overload or Oversize load on light vehicles without taa king proper permission from the authority2003
Stopping your vehicle without maintaining proper distance as specified by the RTA law on junctions and curves200
Using an undesignated vehicle for transporting passengers2004
Changing direction suddenly or without indication2004
Operata ing taxi without a valid license for the same purpose2004
Transporting passengers in the vehicle for driving and trainpurposespose2004
Using a taxi wan with an expired warranty200
Rash reversing or turning dangerously200
Taxi refusing to transport passengers2004
Load leaking or falling on the road from the vehicle300012
Leaving your vehicle parked without securing it200
Parking your vehicle  at a prohibited or undesignated place2002
Parking your car in offloading and loading areas with the out need200
Parking on the thshoulderra of the road without emergencies200
Usmulti-coloured red lamps in the vehicle200
Drive on a motorbike without a proper helmet2004
Surpassing passenger vehicle limits2003
Driving a vehicle with pooworn-out tyre conditions200
Driving a vehicle with an invalid or expired driving license20Non-renewed
sewed vehicle registration after expiry400
Driving a vehicle that is unlicensed or unregistered200
Violating the laws, commercial number plates use200
Use Using fancy sign number plates or not fixinthemit on designated place2002
Driving your vehicle with just one number plate2002
Driving without lights at night or in foggy situations2004
Using un-matching number plates for trucks, trailers and containers200
Trucks and trailers without reflectstickerscker at the back and the sides200
Changing directions or turning without using indicators2003
Not allowing vehicles to pass on the left200
Not allowing vehicles to pass, coming from the left wherever required200
Stopping a vehicle in a way that maps a danger or blocks traffic2003
Not getting your vehicle examined after significant modifications  to the body or the engine200
Driving training vehicles outside specified timings200
Using training vehicles at undesignated places as per the licensing authority200
Overtaking in the rom wrong direction or way2004
Using the parking space improperly2003
Using a number plate with unclear numbers2003
Not following the tariff rules and regulations200Violating
ng light vehicle lane discipline2002
Parking your vehicles on pedestripathsath or pavement2003
Not producing vehicle registration card when asked by the traffic police200
Not producing your driving license when asked by the traffic police200
Not putting the taxi sign at the designated place200
Not fixing a sign mark for licensed overloading in trucks and trailers2003
Using interior lights without any reason while driving the vehicle100
Not abiding by norms of specifiecolouror for training cars and taxis200
Not displatariffsariff of taxis and buses or failinshowowing them when  asked by the traffic police200
Using vehicles with broken or faulty lamps or lighting2006
Using hooters and horns in restricted areas2002
Driving below the specified minimum speed limits200
Failure to keep taxis and buses clean inside and outside200
Smoking in buses, taxis or public transport200
Using a handheld mobile phone while driving in a vehicle2004
Not following taxi drivers’ obligatuniformsform or keeping them in bad conditions100
Calling on passengers when the presence of signs100
Failing to disthe play load on the truck on both of its sides100
Driving without a valid driving license100
Driving without a vehicle registration card100
Failing to use interior light in public transportation at night100
Faulty or broken indicator lamps1002
Using the vehicle horns  in an improper or disturbing way10A vehicle
icle without red light and reflectors at the back100
Opening the left door or taxi on the road1003
Pedestrians crossing from undesignated places (If any existed)200
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