Two young Muslim sisters attacked in Canada in hatred

ST ALBERT, Canada: In another incident apparently motivated by hatred and Islamophobia, two veil-clad young Muslim sisters were attacked with a knife by a man in St. Albert City of Canadian Alberta Province on June 23.


The media reports said that both the sisters in their 20s were walking along a gravel pathway near Alderwood Park around 12:30 pm when they were ambushed by a knife-wielding white man.

Yelling racist remarks at both women, the man pushed one of them to the ground leaving her unconscious and caused the second one minor injuries on the neck with the knife.

Following the attack, the man fled the scene without being captured.

Describing the appearance of the culprit, the police said that he was around 50 with almost six feet height, and was wearing a red and white bandana. The man was wearing dark blue jeans and a navy shirt.

The police said that a search is underway to find the man.

It’s worth noting that the incidents of violence and Islamophobia are on the rise in Canada as earlier this month, a man driving a pickup truck rammed into and killed four members of a Muslim family in Ontario province.

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