Toyota’s First EV | Everything We Know Till Now

From inventing the single wheel to introducing big automated vehicles is a long journey that the human mind has covered. It did not stop just at the fuel operated cars. future is going to have Electric vehicles, operated by electricity and with autopilot mode. Elon Musk’s Tesla is the first contribution to this futuristic transport. While other companies are making a way into this electric vehicle world. On the footsteps of Tesla, Toyota’s first EV is under consideration.

Toyota’s First EV Might Be A Big Surprise

Toyota holds the most of automobile market all over the world. However, it has not come up with a real EV. While the other competitors have made their move by introducing electric vehicles in the market. Except for Toyota and many other companies, Tesla, Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and many others have introduced their vehicles.


Toyota's first EV

Toyota’s first EV is under consideration. The company has been planning to board the plane with the competitors. Thus, the company will be coming out with the BZ4X model of the electric car. This model is going to be a subcompact SUV that is being engineered in partnership with Subaru. The partnership will be a success because Subaru already has its own electric car, Solterra.


Toyota's first EV

The name BZ4X is quite purposeful. The ‘BZ’ in the name indicates ‘beyond zero’ which hints at the zero carbonization produced by Toyota’s car by 2050. Toyota had launched the world’s most famous hybrid, Prius, which gained a lot of popularity among the customers for its shape, performance and interior.

For now, the exterior design of BZ4X that is circulating around the globe is distinctive and perfectly designed to create a powerful spectacle on the roads. However, the interior is going to be a typical Toyota interior.

Since, other details about BZ4X are not clear, except that Toyota’s first EV will come out in 2022. So, the wait will be worth it as Toyota has never disappointed its customers. It will not do the same with its electric vehicle sector.

The Trend Of EVs In Pakistan

The Pakistani market has not yet adopted this trend change. the prices of EVs available in the Pakistani market require hefty amounts of money which the customers are unwilling to pay. Also, they are not fully aware of the benefits of EVs. But, Toyota might be a gamechanger in the future by making customers of Pakistan confident to drive EVs on the roads.

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