Top 5 Most Viewed Amazon Prime Movies

Amazon Prime is an app that provides us a source of entertainment. It is a paid app introduced by amazon, but this app is not available worldwide. Amazon Prime charges to give its viewers some more features like good quality, fast streaming, update, and quality downloading of Amazon Prime Movies. To enjoy the best movies, get Amazon Prime subscription in Pakistan.

The most viewed amazon prime movies are:

  • Project Power
  • Fight Club
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Inception
  • My SPY

Amazon Prime Movies

Project Power

In the movie Project Power, there is an ex-soldier who teams up with a policeman to catch thieves who sell pills that can give you some extraordinary powers temporarily.  It is a sci-fiction with thrill, crime, and action for its viewers.

Fight Club

In the story of Fight Club, a man with a white-collar job resigns and starts a fight club with Tayler, a careless soap seller, and falls in love with a destitute girl, Marla who is a singer. The appearance of Brad Pitt is one of the reasons, along with its suspense drama, to make it one of the most viewed Amazon Prime Movies.

Avengers: Endgame

In Avengers: Endgame the villain Thanos, an intergalactic lord is defeated by a unified force of Avengers. Marvel Studios has a great viewership. Thus, this movie has a large number of views.


In the movie, Inception, Dom Cobb is a criminal with a special ability to enter people’s dreams and reach their subconscious, his skill made him a wanted artifact in the world of the intelligence industry but also cost him everything he loves. The appearance of Leonardo De Caprio, an Oscar-winning actor, and a thrilling fiction has made it to the top among viewers of Amazon Prime Videos. 


In the story, My Spy, a nine-year-old girl, catches a CIA spy who is spying on his mother. In exchange for not exposing the spy, named JJ, they agree to teach the girl how to become a spy. The girl, Sophie proves that you don’t need much experience to be creative and become a side agent.


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