Top 5 evergreen K-dramas to watch on Netflix in 2022

By 2020, PTA said that almost 85000-90000 subscribers from Pakistan and while it hardly makes 0.05% in their total revenue charts. The site does offer us a mix of cultures and countries by bringing us global content. From k-dramas to interactive meditation – Netflix offers it all!


If you don’t already have an account maybe it’s time to check the available netflix packages to choose per your need and join the family. With little to no profanity restrictions on the streaming site and we have to think before watching anything with friends and family.

However, k-dramas serve a solution to us by not just being family-friendly but also offering us great stories. With a growing interest in k-dramas and k-pop culture it is only right that we bring you the 5 most evergreen Korean Netflix seasons to watch this summer:

1.      Dream High

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Adolescence, Musical

Seasons: 2          Episodes: 16 + 16

The best thing about Dream High is that the focuses on the most talked over topic among young adults which is what’s more important a career or a relationship whilst showing us the true meaning of friendship, love and life. A group of different individuals come together to fulfil their ambition of becoming k-pop idols and end up finding their true selves and goals by the end of each season.

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