Netflix Packages in Pakistan & Subscription Price (2023)

NetflixNetflix Packages in Pakistan & Subscription Price (2023)

Here is all you need to know about Netflix packages in Pakistan

Netflix is a go-to space for youngsters and adults to watch interesting shows and movies. With loads of entertaining content on the platform, Netflix has become immensely popular globally in a short time. The Netflix packages in Pakistan offer varying screen options and HD video quality. The official Netflix Pakistan offers multiple subscription packages with access to its extensive library of TV shows and movies. Choose from a range of Netflix packages in Pakistan, each with its own subscription price, to enjoy seamless streaming. Get the subscription for the best Netflix package today.


  • Netflix packages in Pakistan include mobile, basic, standard HD, and premium plan with variable prices and screens
  • You can get a Netflix package subscription in Pakistan via credit or debit card, PTCL, and Telenor
  • Visit the official Netflix Pakistan website to sign in or unsubscribe from your package

Forget the hassle! Choose from a range of following Netflix packages in Pakistan and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite shows.

Netflix Packages in Pakistan

Netflix Pakistan is currently offering 4 packages for you to subscribe to. Netflix packages price in Pakistan is variable but the first month is free for all. You can share a subscription with your friends and family for the following Netflix Packages;

  • Mobile plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Standard HD plan
  • Premium Plan

Netflix MobilePlan – Rs 250/ month

This is a newly launched affordable Netflix Package in Pakistan that is available for smartphones and Tablets only. It supports 480p video streaming and offers a complete Netflix library. This Netflix Package in Pakistan is available for 250 PKR/ Month.

Netflix Basic Plan – Rs 450/ month

Netflix package for 450 PKR/ month allows only one screen with standard definition streaming. The basic plan also covers downloads on only one phone or tablet too.


Netflix Standard HD Plan – Rs 800/ month

The Netflix Standard HD plan allows two viewers to use two different screens simultaneously. You can create multiple profiles with this package to secure your watch history. Netflix’s standard package in Pakistan enables HD (High Definition) video quality. This is the best fit to share with your family and friends.

Netflix Premium Plan – Rs 1100/ month

Netflix premium plan is completely fun with access to four screens at a time. This Netflix package enables Ultra High Definition-UHD (4K) video quality. Enjoy the watch and download feature on four different screens with this premium package at highly affordable rates.

Netflix Packages Pakistan: How to Buy?

To buy a Netflix Package subscription in Pakistan, the following methods are available;

Netflix Packages Pakistan via Website

This is the simplest method to subscribe to any of the packages that you choose. Simply sign in to the official Netflix Pakistan and enter your credit/debit card details for the selected package. However, get compliance from your bank first as some banks operating under the Shariah Compliance Guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan, such as Meezan Bank Limited, may not allow Netflix payments.

You can cancel the subscription at any time but the video library will still be available for the reminder month that you have paid for.

Buy Netflix Packages Pakistan Via PTCL

If you do not have a credit or debit card or your bank does not allow Netflix payment, you can buy a subscription via PTCl. Go to www.ptcl.com/netflix and sign up there. Your monthly package charges will be adjusted in your monthly PTCL bill.

A PTCL landline connection is a must-have for a Netflix package subscription via this method.

Netflix Package subscription with Telenor

You can also pay for your Netflix package subscription in Pakistan using Telenor Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), but this service is only available for postpaid Telenor customers for now.

Visit netflix.com/telenorpk, select “Telenor postpaid bill” as your payment method, and confirm payment by entering the OTP received on your mobile number.

How to cancel Netflix Subscription?

If you need to cancel your Netflix subscription in Pakistan, you can go to your account settings and click on “Cancel Membership”, and you will no longer be charged for the service on the next billing date. However, the service will continue to work until the end of the current billing period.

Netflix Subscription: How It Works

Once you sign in to Netflix, go to the upper right of the home page and hit the “Your Account & Help” button.

Many people are searching for the price or package price of Netflix in Pakistan but the good news is that there is a  “no charge” one-month free trial, where you enjoy the complete library for free.

During the trial period, if you opt to end your Netflix experience, you can cancel the subscription immediately. For this, Go to “Cancel Membership” and follow the procedure to cancel your account. Even if you cancel your account anytime during the free month, you can still watch Netflix through the end of the 30-day trial period.

Update: In a recent update, it was announced that Pakistan would be getting more shows on Netflix with Pakistani content. ISPs have reported increased traffic on Netflix in Pakistan.

Frequently asked questions

Is Netflix free in Pakistan?

Netflix in Pakistan is free for the initial one-month trial. However, you will need to subscribe to any of the Netflix packages in Pakistan at affordable rates to continue your never-ending stream.

What is the monthly box Netflix?

The monthly package of Netflix in Pakistan starts from 950 PKR and goes up to PKR 1500

What is the price of Netflix in Pakistan?

The price of Netflix packages in Pakistan varies for different packages between 250-1100 PKR/per month. Each package has a variable number of screens and video quality available.

The above details highlight everything you need to know about using Netflix streaming app in Pakistan. Feel free to share your questions (if any) for further assistance.

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