Top 10 YouTube Celebrities/influencers of Pakistan in 2020

BlogsTop 10 YouTube Celebrities/influencers of Pakistan in 2020

List of Top 10 youtube Celebs from Pakistan

YouTube has been serving marvelously in terms of promoting quality content and as far as the year 2019 is concerned, the frequency of social freaks making up their YouTube channel has rapidly increased just like a forest catching up the fire. Here is a list of top 10 best Pakistani Youtube Celebrities, who have entertained us with their amazing content throughout the year.

1. Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao


Pakistan’s biggest YouTube channel P 4 Pakao is owned by Nadir Ali. The channel has become the largest independent channel from Pakistan.  It is the first Pakistani Independent YouTube channel that has crossed 1 million followers.  It also holds the record to become the first YouTube to reach 2 million from Pakistan.

Nadir Ali is from Karachi and he has started his YouTube channel in 2016.  He had early success on Facebook, as many of his early videos went viral on Facebook and as to the date, he enjoys an amazing fan following there too.  Nadir Ali has always gained much of the appreciation from both sides of the border of India and Pakistan.

2. Kitchen with Amna

Amna has become the first female YouTube celebrity from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube.  It has become a big milestone specifically in terms of women empowerment in a country where the society is thought to be relatively conservative.


Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel where the host uploads various recipes and cooking tips daily.  If you like Pakistani, Indian and Continental cuisine, Kitchen with Amna can help with their amazing recipes.

3. Zaryab Khan – XeeTechCare

Zaryab Khan- as young as 22 years old Pakistani YouTuber has become one of the biggest and most renowned “Mobile and Technology Review” channel’s owners in the world.  Zaryab Khan was interested in medicine education till he found his YouTube channel and after some hook up on his initial videos, he has dedicated himself to his YouTube channel XeeTechCare. So far he has marked his success with 1 million subscribers and deserves to be in the list of some of the world’s best Youtubers from Pakistan.

4. Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer Abbas is one of the rapidly rising YouTubers from Pakistan. He is known for his prank videos and funny content and thus enjoys an amazing number of followers.

Shameer is winning the internet with his dance moves and prank videos.  His channel on Youtube is one of the fastest-growing channels from Pakistan.

The channel had well over 931,000 subscribers in 2018 and now growing at the same pace by gaining followers on a daily basis.

5. Saad ur Rehman – Ducky Bhai

Saad ur Rehman is the man behind the best roasting YouTube channel from Pakistan.  Specifically known as Ducky Bhai (the name of his YouTube channel) he is from Lahore and just turned 20 this year.  He has already graduated from the YouTube Academy as one of the prominent YouTubers from Pakistan.

Saad ur Rehman came into limelight because of his online grudge with another famous YouTuber Sham Idrees after which the channel has grown exponentially.

6. Asad Ali

Asad Ali TV is another tech reviewer from Pakistan.  He posts new YouTube videos almost every day where he posts tech reviews, tips, and tricks.  Asad Ali’s main advantage is that he posts videos in simple and easy-to-understand Urdu, which attracts local viewers as well as from across the border. Asad Ali is from Faisalabad and has been considered as a success story on social media.

7. Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets

Mubashir Siddique used to work as a production manager in a Football manufacturing company in Sialkot. He also spent a couple of years working in Malaysia, but he left everything and came back home to support his family.

The 33-year-old Mubashir started his YouTube channel Village Food Secrets, where he shares food recipes from the village and people across the globe simply fallen in love with it.  He has become a YouTube sensation in no time as the channel following has grown so rapidly.

8. Raza Samo – Khujlee Family

Awesome Speaks changed the dimension of stand-up comedy.  It is both entertaining and packed with hard-hitting punches that can roast a human being alive.  Raza Samo is from Khujlee Family of Larkana and had his early education only there.  He joined the Institute of Space Technology Islamabad but never completed it as he was meant to entertain all on YouTube.

Raza is a multi-talented entertainer whose rising popularity and fan following are astonishing over the years. He also leads a personal vlogging channel alongside the main Khujlee Family channel.  He has become a big name in the local Youtubers community and a great example for aspiring newbies.

9. Irfan Junejo

Mr. Junejo is the most prominent vlogger Content Creator from Pakistan. He is an inspiration for thousands, due to his YouTube journey as he started his YouTube channel by making vlogs about his life daily and with his dedication and hard work he has earned a diehard fan following from all over Pakistan and around the World.

He is one of the prominent YouTubers from Pakistan who knows how to sell his art as a brand. He is successfully collaborating with many companies and brands while creating amazing content for his YouTube channel.  He is one of the very few creators from Pakistan with an excellent engagement rate.

10. Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Taimoor Salahuddin needs no introduction, as he has already made it to the Legendary list with his amazing abilities and talent.  Mooroo is as versatile as a musician, director, film student, editor, singer, actor, Youtuber, vlogger, and an amazing personality.  His YouTube channel is outclassing and he is a complete entertainment package.  From travel videos to funny skits to full-length seasons, Mooroo has entertained us better than any other YouTuber.

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