A Complete Guide to make Passive Income from YouTube in Pakistan

BlogsA Complete Guide to make Passive Income from YouTube in Pakistan

How to make money from youtube in PakistanStep by step guide on how to make money from youtube in Pakistan in 2019 & 2020. Are you still wondering about how people are making money from Youtube? Do you still ask yourself about how to earn money from youtube? or how to make a youtube channel or how much youtube pays or youtube income? If that is so, here we have compiled a step by step guide about making money from Youtube and we hope that this article could address all of your concerns and helps you make passive income in Pakistan

Here is your guide to make passive income from Youtube in Pakistan


With the advent of technology in Pakistan, the new generation started to explore different domains of generating revenue to set up businesses with an additional element of digitalization. This is a fast-moving era and competition is growing higher every day. There was a time when everyone had to formulate a proper business model to work and the owner had to specifically work on the amount of investment to meet all the requirements underlying that business model. However, setting up a business even without having a big staff or investment has been trending and that’s the reason the competition is growing intense over time.

How much youtube pays, youtube income

Taking this trend into consideration, here is the best example of social media as it has amazingly emerged as one of the easiest to earn platforms from the last few years. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, everyone is utilizing these platforms efficiently to make money.


Among all of these social media platforms, YouTube has gained a good lot of professionals who are keenly interested in generating revenue with the use of technology while moving hand in hand with the digitalization of the market. So here comes the question, why people are taking YouTube so seriously for earning in Pakistan? Let’s have a look!

Why you should use YouTube to Make Money?

If you have been searching for some good job opportunity for long and none of your efforts are turning out to be fruitful, then it’s the time you should think about taking YouTube very seriously for earning good.

You might have observed that in the recent past, the frequency of making YouTube channels has been increasing in Pakistan and the reason is that they know well how it can make them earn with an investment of time and effort in a limited time.

YouTube is such a platform where people from all around the world share video content by making their channels and all they need to do is to post quality content to grab a good number of viewers.

How to start making money from YouTube in Pakistan?

How to earn money from youtube in Pakistan

YouTube only demands your interest in quality video content and devotion to putting your effort on professional grounds to make money out of this platform. You need to consistently upload quality videos with content people find interesting, relatable and engaging. You need to market the hell out of that video on your website, blog, social media, and other video sites. You need to create a brand for yourself, get verified, and grow your subscriber base to be taken seriously. You’ll need to get lucky if you want to have one of the most viewed YouTube videos.

Everyone is interested to know about how they can earn from YouTube and here is an easy guide for all of you:

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel

  • Sign in to your YouTube Account (your Google account can be used for that)
  • Create a channel

Step 2: Enable Your Channel for Monetisation

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Select your account information from the top right and select Creator Studio.
  • From the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  • Enable Monetisation (Note: The option won’t be available in the account is disabled for monetization).
  • Accept the agreement.

Step 3: Connect Your Channel to AdSense

  • After enabling monetization for your YouTube Channel, you need to associate an approved AdSense account with your YouTube account. 
  • YouTube Analytics is used to keep track of the earning, which will only be paid if you comply with the YouTube payment threshold.

Step 4: Review Video Criteria and Ad Formats

  • For you to get paid, it is an absolute necessity to meet two criteria

Guide to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Once you are done with making a YouTube channel and posting video content with consistency to keep your account active, here comes the next thing that is how you can monetize your YouTube channel, so have a look:

According to the YouTube monetization policy, the new criteria mean that you need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and should have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months.

First of all, you need to enable monetization on your channel:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Click on the icon at the top right and click “Creator Studio”.
  • Click on Channel in the menu on the left, and then click on “Enable” under Monetisation
  • You’ll be redirected to this page, which shows you how to enable monetization. Read the “YouTube Partner Program Terms” to start.
  • After you’re done reading the terms, you’ll need to sign up for an AdSense account. If you already have an account, you can skip this step. A complete guide on how to sign up for an AdSense account is available below.
  • Set your monetization preferences, you’ll need to tell Google about the type of ads you want to run on your videos, etc.
  • Your channel will be reviewed after you reach the 4000 watch hour/1000 subscriber threshold. This usually takes a week.
  • You’re ready to make some money from YouTube!

1) Video Monetisation Criteria

  • Videos should be user-friendly.
  • The content should be your own to be promoted commercially.
  • Copyrighted videos or those that you copy from the internet won’t work here.
  • You can provide documentation for the video and audio content used in videos.
  • The video should comply with Terms of Service and Community Guidelines which can be found here.

2) YouTube Advertising Formats

  • Once monetized videos are enabled, several ads (see below for more information on the type of ads) may appear next to your video.

Step 5:Monetise Videos with Ads

  • You are fully set up for the monetized videos with your AdSense account. You can now enable eligible videos to earn money from relevant ads.


Important Terms to Know for YouTube

For the ones who are serious to make money from YouTube, here are some of the terminologies you must know to earn properly:


  • CPM is the cost of a thousand ad impressions for the advertiser to pay when their ad is showcased. By the way, CPM is littler lower for Pakistani Audience
  • Time, gender, content, and factors like these affect CPM.
  • CPM varies from .50 cents to over $10 per thousand impressions.
  • It is seasonal, implying, CPM moves upward in holidays i.e. Christmas, Eid.
  • English native countries have better CPM than rest.

RPM and eCPM:

  • RPM is revenue per thousand views.
  • YouTube takes its 45% cut of ad revenue generated by the channel from total RPM.
  • RPM and eCPM are similar.
  • eCPM = Earnings ÷ Monetized playbacks × 1000.
  • To properly understand earning, YouTube analytics is the best way to go.
What Type of Content You Should Make for YouTube?

Though it all depends upon your sense of creativity here we have some ideas for you to assist you, to begin with, the business:

Pictorial content with voice over: You can make a video of Interesting facts, commentary on news items, opinions, or anything voiced over related images can make a good video.

  • Lists on 1 to 10 scale: Lists of anything, such as “5 best songs of the year”, “Top 10 actors in the drama industry” and so on. These videos could be voiced over or text-over images. It all depends on your creativity.
  • Variety of tutorials: How to make different things, recipes, decorative items, DIY ideas, and makeup tutorials.
  • Reviews: Reviews of things that we use in daily life.
  • Time-lapse travel videos: Everyone loves the natural beauty around, mountains, valleys or even a smoothly carpeted road while driving a car with soft background music.

For making this video content, you are not required to be pro in video making or should have any proper team to go for the shoot. You have it all in your pocket and that’s your mobile phone. Simply open the camera and make a video of anything you like.

Another important tip is that people are interested in everything traditional, colorful, depicting the culture of any area, food, and even if it is about the comments related to some hot current affairs topic. You can add up a touch of humor to make it even more likable for the viewers. A lot of people are just using shoot to record style video to make money from youtube in Pakistan

Try to avoid controversial topics as they can make you have a spiking number of viewers in a go but once the bubble bursts with the wave of criticism, the volume of this foamy fame well be settled at once while making your channel suffer in future. You can also use Youtube as a tool to Highlight Pakistani culture and it can serve as a good content segment for your channel in order to make money from youtube in Pakistan

Keep it in mind that the quality of the content can make or break the fame of your YouTube channel. Once you will be posting something out-of-the-box, you will see how rapidly your channel will be gaining fame with a constant increase in the number of viewers.

One thing you should know well as a newbie to the YouTube business that the rapid increase in the viewers is not important but the constant increase in the number of viewers is something matters. Be patient with your work; treat it just like growing a tree out of the seed. Water it well and look after it till the time it begins to give fruits.


How to Make an AdSense Account in Pakistan?

To initiate the monetization of your YouTube channel, here is how you can make an AdSense account for this purpose:

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and go to www.youtube.com/account_monetization. Click on start and then next to begin.
  • You will be asked to choose an account to link with AdSense. Choose the account associated with your channel
  • Accept the AdSense association for your channel.
  • You will be asked to provide contact information (your home/postal address and phone number). Submit your AdSense application after entering relevant info.
  • Once done, you’ll be redirected to YouTube.
  • Google will review your AdSense application and will send you an email once your AdSense account has been approved. It can take up to 2 days for your YouTube/AdSense association to become active.
How YouTube would Pay You?

YouTube determines how much you get paid for your videos through “Cost Per Impression” or CPI. Whenever someone watches an ad on your video, your CPI increases. Your CPI usually increases every 1,000 views you get on the video.

CPI itself is determined based on different algorithms and other factors like the types of ads displayed on your video, ad prices, the channel’s target audience, and popularity, etc.

As soon as the monetization has been enabled right after your channel has been associated with your AdSense account, you will begin earning money.

To receive the payments from AdSense, here are 5 different ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Check
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Wire Transfer
  • Rapida
Is it Possible to Earn without AdSense?

It is one of the frequently asked questions and the answer is yes. If you have ever heard about Affiliate Marketing, it is one of the best strategies to earn without AdSense on YouTube.

As per the technique of Affiliate Marketing, the companies or people may ask you to market their products in your videos for a certain amount of money. Some may ask you to add a link to their product or service in your video description. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on YouTube, provided your channel has a good number of audience.

Apart from that, Annotation leasing is another way of earning money without AdSense. Following this strategy, companies can ask you to put up annotations for their videos or products on your videos. These are small transparent boxes on the video which redirect you to another link when you click on them.

Moreover, you can also make videos to market different products and earn for that marketing. If you are even more of an intelligent business-oriented person, you can use your YouTube channel to advertise your side-business or products and earn passively along with the increase in the viewership for your YouTube channel.

Some of the YouTube users also run a consulting business, again like the previous method, which is more of a tool to expand your reach and not for directly earning money. This works if your niche is related to self-help, tech reviews, and guides, etc.

Top 6 Vloggers making a good amount of money from YouTube in Pakistan
Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao

Nadir Ali is one of the biggest YouTube Stars in Pakistan having 2 Million+ subscribers. He is known as the best Prankster of Pakistan. He tops the list of Pakistani YouTubers due to his number of followers.

Nadir Ali is Karachi based. He started his YouTube journey in 2016. As a comedian and Prankster, Nadir Ali receives great respect from Pakistan as well as from India too.

Taimoor Salahuddin AKA Mooroo

Mooroo is perhaps the most talented Pakistani YouTuber. He is a singer, a writer, a composer, a very good actor, a director, and a sketch artist as well. His YouTube channel enjoys around 402,329 Subscribers. He is specifically famous for his vlogs and his singing talent. His first studio album ‘Pehli’ was nominated for the prestigious Lux Style Award in 2017. Mooro might not have the highest number of subscribers in Pakistan but he has the greatest number of fans and admirers across the globe.

Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is one of the most famous vloggers of Pakistan. He was the one who started this trend and now he is considered to be one of the best in the business. As per the recent updates, he has a total of 485,254 Subscribers on YouTube and this number is increasing with every passing day. His unique style of making a video, his story orientation and thought-provoking vlogs make him stand out of the crowd.

Raza Samo AKA Awesamo Speaks

Raza samo top 6 youtube bloggers of Pakistan

This boy from Larkana who dropped out from his university in his seventh semester has finally made his way to YouTube. With his unique style of speaking and extremely funny sense of humor, Samo has gained a huge fan following in a very short period. He is famous for his roasting session called Awesamo Speaks. His video editing is also very engaging. His channel goes by the name of KhujLee Family and as per the recent updates, his channel has around 694,783 Subscribers.

Kitchen with Amna

Amna became the first female YouTube content creator from Pakistan to cross 1 Million+ subscribers. She uploads food-related content. The kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel. Amna uploads different recipes as well as cooking tips.

Shahmeer Abbas Prankster

Shahmeer Abbas is a well-known and rising YouTuber from Pakistan. He is known for his funny content and prank videos.

Shahmeer is rapidly growing on the internet with his prank videos as well as some funny dance moves. He usually pranks random people. He got 1 Million followers in very less of the time.

So these success stories of famous YouTubers from Pakistan are enough to encourage you to begin with your YouTube channel with different ideas to earn efficiently while fruitfully using the creativity while bringing into line your steps with the digital marketing opportunities coming your way.

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