Top 10 Reasons to Buy Suzuki Alto 660cc 2023 in Pakistan

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Hatchbacks are getting more popular in Pakistan than sedans due to several reasons. When you stop at a traffic signal, you can see every other car be a compact hatchback. While there are many options in the market, Suzuki Alto is a prior choice for customers. If you are considering buying it, you should know why to buy the Suzuki Alto 660cc. Here are ten reasons to buy Suzuki Alto 660 cc in Pakistan.


Reasons to Buy Suzuki Alto 660cc

Suzuki Alto 660cc has gathered interest from prospective buyers for many reasons, and they are more than happy with their purchase. It is a dream for all families who wish to have a pleasant conveyance. Still, if you have any doubts about buying it, read the reasons to buy the Suzuki Alto 660cc in 2023.


The Suzuki Alto 660cc is known for being the most affordable car in the market. The price tag starts from PKR 2,251,000. Amidst this inflation, this vehicle is affordable for all the families who dream of having a car but want to stay on budget too. Therefore, it has a growing popularity in the Pakistani market because of its affordability.


Not only its price tag is affordable, but the operational cost of the Suzuki Alto 660cc is also relatively low. It offers an impressive mileage of 18 to 22 kilometres per litre. So, whether the fuel price is high or low, its efficient fuel consumption will never let you worry about travelling anywhere.

Low Maintenance Cost

Suzuki Alto is a durable vehicle with a lasting build. One of the best reasons to buy the Suzuki Alto 660cc is its low maintenance cost. The car can work fine under all seasonal conditions and terrains. Moreover, the spare parts are also cheap and readily available in the market, so the buyers do not struggle with maintenance or repair issues.

A Great Resale Value

If you have savings and are confused between buying a new car or investing the money into something valuable, the Suzuki Alto 660cc is the right option. The vehicle will be able to give you a remarkable return on the original price. It has the most negligible depreciation value, and you will not suffer a loss when reselling it.

Perfect for all Roads

Suzuki Alto is a perfect and compact ride for all terrains. Its powerful engine and sturdy build make it a comfortable ride for everyone in any part of Pakistan. Pakistan has a diverse landscape with steep mountains, straight roads, bumpy roads, and desert areas. So, the buyers usually feel perplexed about which car to buy according to their circumstances.

Simple yet Functional Design

Reasons to buy Suzuki Alto 660cc

Suzuki Alto is a compact hatchback car with a simple design. It has a small structure which is feasible for Pakistan’s congested streets and traffic-loaded roads. Although the invention is not too attractive, it holds everything the desirable car must have. It is a practical option for drivers.

Ample Space

Reasons to buy Suzuki Alto 660cc

One of the best reasons to buy the Suzuki Alto 660cc is its ample space. There is enough space in this vehicle to accommodate four passengers comfortably. It has 177 litres of boot space to let the riders place luggage inside it. The interior is equipped with a Comfortable fabric seat and durable plastic.

Safety Features

Although the price tag of the Suzuki Alto is low, the features are outstanding. There are many safety features in the Suzuki Alto 660cc, like seatbelts, airbags, childproof rear door locks, immobilizer, ABS, Front disc brake, etc. So, it provides a comfortable ride and ensures that the driver and the passengers remain safe.

A Nice Family Car

The Suzuki Alto 660cc is an excellent family car for those looking to buy a new car. The families can go out every weekend to enjoy themselves without worrying about the fuel charges. Moreover, for kids who want to buy their first car, Suzuki Alto is the best choice as it comes affordably and fulfils all the requirements that a person needs to drive around the city.

Suzuki is a Brand Image

Suzuki is a brand to rely on in terms of durability, efficiency, comfortability, and performance. The prices are low, but the demand is high because it provides more for less. So, Suzuki has a legacy of attracting a large customer base with its affordable, economical, and fuel-efficient options.

For more details, check out the Suzuki Alto review. If you have a comparatively large budget and wish to purchase an even better car, check out Suzuki Cultus vs Suzuki Alto. 

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