Top 10 pictures of Meerub Ali

Meerub Ali is a well-known actress in the industry. She is a model the one who recently footed into the media industry. Her project Sinf e Ahan was the biggest hit. This young girl did a Ramadan show/ drama in Paristan. People want her to do a comeback as Ujala. Ujala was the character liked by the people way too much.


Most of the detractors also mention that Asim Azhar is the main reason for their success in the media industry behind meer. She now possessed a great fan following. Her style is cute, elegant, decent and innocent her cute face entices people.

Meerub has done massive amounts of shoots with Instagram brands and even as a model. Her shoots are minimal styled. Instagram meerub is filled with exquisite and stunning pictures. Let’s have a look at her pictures:

Pictures of Meerub Ali:

Any look or outfit can slay along with the beauty and charm of meerub all. From fancy to light, eastern to western. bold to innocent. low to high, high to low her Instagram is filled with marvellous posts and pictures.

Meerub Ali:

Said by most that famous for being with Azim Azhar. Daughter of Yousaf Ali and Rozina khan. reason for aims AND Hanias breakup. Loved ones call her by the name of meeru. By profession, she is a model and an actress. Her age is 26 years old she is not too young or too mature. My date of birth is 23 January 1996. She keeps checking her zodiac signs and her zodiac sign her Zodiac is Aquarius.

Music video of Meerub:

Her first project was with Sajjad Ali. Remember the song by the legendary singer Sajjad Ali. In the song Lagaya dil, yes meerub is that cute girl from the video of that song.

Facts about Merub:

Meerub Ali has a total of 942K followers on Instagram
She is about to hit 1 million soon.
A pet lover she is.
Asim and meerub got engaged in 2022.
Net Worth approx. 55 Lac


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