Top 10 Family Movies on Netflix for summer’22

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We have worked hard to make this list of top 10 family movies on netflix for you because what better way to do it than watching a movie or two together? There was a time when summer vacation was all about toys and playing baraf pani with our cousins. However, with each passing day and the increasing heat stroke threats – the kids can’t always have outdoor games.

Having Netflix packages can help at this point because when you’re done with indoor games and want to do something other then them maybe that’s a good time for some family bonding.

Our list of top 10 family movies on Netflix for you to watch include:

1.      Enola Holmes

Running Time: 2h 3m                                  Genre: Crime, Mystery, Self-discovery

PG: 12+

Enola, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is the most intelligent coming-of-age story for girls by far. The movie didn’t just pass the Bechdel test but also has a bit of women empowerment going on it.

2.      Dolittle

Running Time: 1h 41m                                Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

PG: 7+

If you love RDJ in Avengers: Endgame, you’ll enjoy this new role he takes on as a quirky animal and human doctor. The movie has amazing CGI and showcases beautiful animals and sceneries. It can be a good movie to help instil kindness to animals in anyone.

3.      Yes Day

Running Time: 1h 29m                                 Genre: Comedy, Drama

PG: 7+

This movie was a great idea for many parents and despite offering a modern touch to parenting – it is actually a nice idea to mix it up a little. Guardians and kids, both, can enjoy the movie and maybe actually think about including it in their summer vacation plans … because why not? Live a little!

4.      We can be heroes

Running Time: 1h 37m                            Genre: Super-hero, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

PG: 7+

We can be heroes is a follow-up to the adventures of shark boy and lava girl and focuses on the lives of kids of superheroes as a twist. The best thing about the movie is how it throws light on communication and teamwork. The movie is a bit cheesy but is fun to watch as long as you remember that it is JUST A MOVIE.

5.      Over the Moon

Running Time: 1h 40m                                 Genre: Musical, Heart-felt, Spirited

PG: 7+

The thing I love most about this movie is probably how it’s a beautifully wrapped fantasy story with a card of spirited and uplifting message on top from a dying writer to her husband and daughter. The movie itself teaches us that if we try hard enough we can even reach the moon.

6.      The Breadwinner

Running Time: 1h 34m                                 Genre: Courage, Dark, War, History

PG: 13+

Sometimes, it’s good to watch a historical movie that canvasses around the social issues we may not otherwise bring up in our routine conversations. The breadwinner highlights the Taliban regime in Afghanistan back in 2001, the importance of peace and the gravity of crime against women in that time period.

7.      Finding Ohana

Running Time: 2h 3m                                  Genre: Adventure, Heart-felt, Culture

PG: 7+

This heart-touching movie centres itself on Hawaiian culture, breaking stereotypes and embracing familial bonds in the warmest of ways. The movie will remind you of all the treasure hunting movies/shows you have already watched but most adventure movies are a bit like that, aren’t they?

8.      The Karate Kid (1984)

Running Time: 2h 6m                                  Genre: Action, Drama, Emotional

PG: 13+

The movie was such a hit that it is still being adapted into a season titled Cobra Kai despite having an entire movie series before it. The main focus of the movie is on bullying and the consequences that come along with it. It teaches us how we should always choose peace over fight.

9.      Dennis the Menace

Running Time: 1h 35m                                 Genre: Comedy, Feel-good, Goofy

PG: 7+

This movie is just a delightful treat for all! From Dennis the Menace original series to cartoons and this movie – Dennis will always be a cute menace that keeps reminding us to understand the intention behind an act when dealing with a child. It is full of laughs and certainly a breath of fresh air.

One thing the movie shows is how Dennis is a neglected child because his parents are always busy – while most people believe it is a way to show that career orient women can’t have families, I feel it raises the importance of having spousal support at all times if you plan to start a family. Being there for a kid is not just the mother’s duty, you see.

10.  Goosebumps

Running Time: 1h 43m                                 Genre: Suspenseful, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy

PG: 10+

If R. L. Stine was one of your favourites too, then this is a must! The movie is based on the adventures of R. L. Stine and emphasis being careful of what we wish for. It also highlights the importance of reading books and brings all of Stines’ monsters to life.

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