The Rising No-plastic Trend is Not Only Healthy but also Environment-friendly


You must have heard about the new trend of going completely plastic free. This practice is however not only a trend but a serious recommendation by environmentalists because of the concerns for the rising carbon footprint of humans and its impacts on the environment. Yes, it is true that the environment is indeed depreciating and climate change is one of its biggest indicators.

The arctic ice has almost melted and around two hundred animal species are at the verge of extinction and unless we do something about decreasing our carbon footprint, climate change will only speed up and there will be nothing left on this planet for our future generations. The best way to decrease your carbon footprint is to go plastic free or at least reduce its percentage from your daily life. In this article, we will explain the health advantages of going plastic free and how you can achieve it.

What does going plastic free mean?

Going plastic free means to remove plastic products from your life. This sounds easy but it is not actually. We are surrounded by so many different plastic products that once you start cutting down, it will seem like nothing is accessible anymore. From our shampoo bottles to our food containers everything is plastic.

The problem with plastic is that it is usually not recyclable and produces so much waste with a huge carbon footprint because of all the carbon compounds which are released in the air during the decomposition of plastic. Plastic food containers are the worst and are very dangerous for the human health too.

The Pakistani government has recently banned the serving of food in polyethene ( a type of plastic) containers because of the immediate harm they cause to human health. The microscopically small pieces of plastic are ingested along with the food when we eat in plastic containers and are extremely detrimental to the digestive system.

How it is important for our health?

Going plastic free can thus actually be good for your health. It will not only prevent you from getting sick directly but by going plastic free you will be decreasing the carbon footprint and a healthy environment will indirectly lead to your own good health. To go plastic free, you should start with your water bottle. Every day millions of people around the world buy plastic water bottles which are non-recyclable.

A good idea is to keep a non-plastic reusable water bottle on you and keep getting it refilled. There are brands which are now providing reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles and you can actually get them refilled. You can also minimize the plastic in your grocery by taking your own containers to the store and getting things at wholesale. These small steps can contribute a lot towards improving the environment around you.


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